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Heal From Sexual Trauma:

Take Your Power Back

Do you feel:


Easily overwhelmed?

Unable to trust life?


These are common difficulties people experience when they have had sexual trauma.

 If you are reading this, chances are you know that sexual trauma impacts every aspect of your life. No, I’m not talking about the obvious ways, such as the way you dress, tension or stress in your body when you have sex or anxiety you feel walking home late in the evening.

 Here are some examples of how past sexual trauma holds you back in life. It:

 – Dictates your choices of a partner. Have you settled on a relationship that’s not serving you?

 – Keeps you small in your career. Stepping up may make you vulnerable and attract unwanted attention.

 – Influences your relationship with money. Do you feel worthy of the good things in life?

 – Impacts your health and vitality. The stuck energy of your unresolved emotions lives in your body, and it takes up huge amount of energy to hold those feelings down. It often leads to anxiety and depression, difficult sleep patterns and generally switching off.

 – Creates extra pain and anxiety during medical check-ups. Do you dread vaginal examination? It can be traumatic to have a routine examination, never mind anything more complex, like childbirth. Another side effect may be carrying extra weight to ‘buffer’ yourself from the world, which has a knock-on effect on your overall health.

 I know how damaging sexual trauma is to body, psyche and soul,

and it breaks my heart to know that there are so many women living in shame,

hiding their light and staying small. Alone.

I’ve been through this journey myself and helped many people along the way.

 You may ask: Why should I dwell on the past? It’s too painful ‘to go there’. Here are five reasons why it’s imperative to heal from sexual trauma now.

  1. It’s incredibly isolating.

There may be lingering shame and discomfort in naming your feelings. You made avoid intimacy and letting people into your life. Healing this wound gives you voice, permission to speak up and be authentically you. You are not alone.

 2. You can deal with the ‘symptoms’ of sexual trauma for the rest of your life

I named them above – marital issues, health problems, money blocks, mental health challenges. You can heal the root cause of your suffering. It’s much quicker to face the issue head on.

 3. If you don’t heal from sexual trauma, it’ll keep you smaller than you are.

 It’s hard to step up in your life and live to your fullest potential when your priority has been to stay invisible in order to avoid unwanted attention. While that strategy worked for a while, with time it becomes unsatisfying and unfulfilling. Healing from trauma is empowering. It will give you freedom to be authentic and unapologetic about who you are and offer your gifts to the world.

 4. If you keep the emotional pain under covers, it’ll find other ways of getting your attention.

 Normally through pains and aches. You don’t keep the traumatic memory in your mind; your whole body remembers the abuse. Healing from sexual trauma can free up a lot of energy and boost your creativity and vitality.

5. Make the suffering stop with you.

 Don’t pass it onto your children. Of course, consciously, you want to protect them. But your own pain and fear may impact your interactions with your family members. Perhaps you worry about your daughter’s safety and project your fears onto her. Perhaps your trauma impacts your relationship with male members of your family. You can keep it under the lid, but it’ll manage to sip out when you least expect it.

You are healing not only for you

but for the generations to come.

 When you heal the deepest darkest roots underneath sexual trauma, you pave the way for loving relationships, a fulfilling career, abundance, health and vitality.

Are you ready to

 transform your life?

 Book your free 30-minute clarity session with me now..

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Hi, I’m Gulara,

and I specialise in helping women

to heal from sexual trauma.

When you have deep trauma, it impacts your whole life: you don’t feel worthy of loving relationships, abundance and vitality.

Even when good things come into your life, you sabotage your chances of enjoying them.

I have overcome those challenges in my own life, and know first-hand what’s possible when you heal your past.

 I’m a healer who knows your pain.

In my sessions, I truly listen to my client’s stories and lovingly help them script a new path – one paved with deep healing and empowerment. When you work with me, you can expect to be unconditionally heard. My natural warmth and compassion create a safe space for women to express long-held feelings of unworthiness and negativity. My work aims to dissolve these limiting beliefs and inspire a life lived with freedom, ease and grace.

I work with clients in one-to-one sessions in-person and via phone. I also love to run online courses on specific topics in which I can serve many people at once.

Book your free 30-minute clarity session to see whether we are the right fit. I’d love to support you on this journey to better health, love life and abundance. 

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I’m much lighter and relieved.

‘Let’s put it this way: I had an issue buried so deep in me for years that I wouldn’t even say it out loud when I was alone because I felt so shameful. But after working with Gulara a few times, I trusted her enough to help me through it. Her incredible intuitive nature helped me tap into aspects of this that I didn’t even know where there and thank god, because I was ready to release it all. I’m much lighter and relieved.

Anonymous in Canada

Gulara is one of the best, most intuitive that I’ve found.

I’ve worked with a number of Compassion Key practitioners over the years and Gulara is one of the best, most intuitive that I’ve found. She picks up on emotions thoughts that I feel but can’t verbalize, and puts them into words in an astoundingly accurate way. She’s also kind and warm. It feels like she holds your hand and guides you to healing, as opposed to pushing. I can’t recommend her enough.

—Brooke S. in Vancouver, BC

There is so much healing and lightness

Wow. What a profound experience. I wish everyone in the world could have a session with Gulara. There is so much healing and lightness and peace available on the other side of our pain, and Gulara is such an expertly adept, insightful and wise guide through this process. I’m so deeply grateful. Thank you.

Vanessa E. in Los Angeles, CA

A truly amazing healing experience

‘I wouI had the pleasure of having 2 sessions with Gulara and all I can say is WOW! I can’t believe how much has shifted and is still shifting in the days following. She was able to find exactly where to go so quickly. It was a truly amazing healing experience and I’m so grateful.

Jennifer C. in Massachusett

Better able to move forward in my life

When I recently discovered that decades-old childhood sexual trauma was still majorly affecting my health and well-being, I immediately knew who to turn to for help: Gulara. I am SO glad I did! It is so safe with Gulara. She has so much understanding and such a deep, gentle and compassionate energy. With a heavy weight lifted, I feel much freer and better able to move forward in my life. I am very grateful that Gulara has unleashed her healing gifts into the world and, of course, into my life.

Anonymous in United States

freed from the heaviness

I’ve has several sessions with Gulara, and she does amazing work, so I’ve just had another session with her to work on a deep patterning that has been replaying all my life. Wow, she guided me to very deep areas to under the root cause, and release this.

I feel freed from the heaviness that has binded me most of my life.

…………I am pleased that I purchased the package.

……………Thank You Gulara

Anonymous in Birmingham UK

Gulara was very intuitive, on task and excellent!

I loved my session with Gulara and felt lighter at the end. Gulara was very intuitive, on task and excellent!

Claudia K. in Los Angeles, California USA.

Her listening is caring and deep

Working with Gulara is a delight. She provides a safely held space to reflect and clear blocks. Her listening is caring and deep. She meets me where I am, as I am. I come away from sessions lighter and freer from my burdens. She is a blessing.

Anonymous in London UK

I always know I’m going to get where I need to go with her.

Gulara is a Compassion Key gem and somehow manages to connect the dots between seemingly unrelated issues. I always know I’m going to get where I need to go with her.

Anonymous in Seattle, W

Gulara has helped me to uncover so much…

Gulara has helped me to uncover so much… So many deep hidden beliefs that were my blocks.

It has made space within and provided momentum to move forward.

I am in Gratitude to Gulara

Thank You…

Anonymous in Birmingham UK

Thank you, Gulara!

I trust Gulara to lead me, gently and without judgment, through the darksome night of despair to the light of freedom and joy. Thank you, Gulara!

Anonymous in United States

I felt in SUCH good hands

I felt in SUCH good hands during my session. With Gulara you can relax while her gentle and powerful magic guides you to the happiest outcome!

Anonymous in usa.

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