The Impossible Dream

Lots Of Fluffy Clouds In A Light Blue SkyEver since I was a child, I had a fierce and unquenchable thirst: I wanted the world to know I have lived. Why else did we come into this world, if we were not to be remembered by something we have done? The thought that I might grow up and die in a small town without making any impact on the world felt unbearable.

Despite its intensity, I had no idea how I could possibly make this dream come true. I had no support or self-confidence, and if I were to voice this desire to my family, they’d think I was mad. As far as they were concerned, my path as a girl was pre-determined: finish school, marry, bear children, and serve both my immediate and extended families.

I had a problem with this plan. I watched Princess Di on television and fantasised about working in a diplomatic mission one day, maybe even in England. I imagined travelling the world and visiting places the rest of my family would not even know about.

The idea of writing did not even cross my mind at that time. As I grew up and my life circumstances drove me into shadows, the dream faded away. I remembered having it, but I no longer believed it was possible. If anything, my life depended on keeping my existence secret.

Until now. Three years ago, I had a soul-call to start writing. I answered the call, and my life has transformed. As I write and share my life story with the world, I realise I am getting a step closer to embracing the dream of my younger-self:

I do exist. My life matters. I am making my unique contribution to the world. Heck, I might even be remembered by my writing one day.

What does your soul crave for the world to know? Please share below.


2 thoughts on “The Impossible Dream

  1. I think it’s time I stopped letting my soul-call get lost in a plethora of To Do lists! My soul craves the world to know that ‘magical’ change’ is possible- faster than we ever expected…!


    • Beautiful, Maddy, the world can be only a better place for knowing that ‘magical change’ is possible and fast! Go for it – there is nothing more satisfying than answering the soul-call


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