Part 1. How Spiritual Practices Inform my Writing: A short Note on my Experience of Spirituality

IMG_2572If you expect a sermon on spirituality, I am afraid there will be none. My experience of spirituality has been an unintended by-product of practices I picked up over the last few years, such as Tai-Chi, Reiki, Five Rhythms Dance, Movement of Being, Family Constellations, Brandon Bays’ The Journey, and Non-Personal Awareness (NPA).

I’ve been reflecting recently on the sacred in my life and became aware that I can identify with two primary sources of spiritual growth right now: my son and my writing.

The first channel – love and devotion – has taught me (forced me, really) to acknowledge mysterious forces that are beyond me, especially regarding my son’s unique path and choices, bringing me down on my knees until I embrace surrender to that which is bigger than all of us.

The second channel – creativity and self-healing – has connected me to aspects of myself that were buried, or forgotten, or never acknowledged in my threadbare childhood; writing yokes me to my essential truth(s) and fulfils a sacred function in reminding me of both who I am, and my connection to the greater Whole.

During this enquiry what I also realised is that all the healing modalities I’ve been practicing over the last several years have an unmistakable imprint on my writing. Some of those practices are present in my life daily. Others I dropped a while ago, but they have become an integral part of me, impacting what I do and how I do it.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be exploring the impact each of these practices is having on my writing. Happy reading.

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