Blogging A to Z Challenge [April 2015]

A to Z Challenge [Letter Schedule] [2015]One of my lovely followers commented last week that I was on a roll with my blog posts. I was, indeed! I loved it because the material came through effortlessly and I enjoyed posting more regularly.

Right after I read the comment, I came across a blog post by a fellow writer who mentioned participating in the A to Z blogging challenge last year and contemplating doing it again. The idea is to post a short blog every day except for Sundays. That makes 26 days corresponding to 26 letters of the Alphabet. So, on 1 April, I’ll write a blog about something that begins with the letter “A.” 2 April is “B,” 3 April is “C,” and so on. How long I will last considering that my son is off nursery for a week and I have a one-month old baby, I don’t know. But it sounded fun and against my best judgment I joined the challenge! Wish me luck and watch the space!


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