D is for Dreams

DWelcome to day 4 from A to Z blogging challenge.

When I was a child, I was a dreamer. In fact, my dreams were so wild that they resembled fantasies. None of those dreams was likely to materialise given the environment in which I had grown up. And yet, somehow, today I live some variant of those impossible dreams.

Yet before I realised that dreams are essential for our growth, I quit dreaming. I became a pragmatist and a realist. I believed only into what was possible, and was within my reach and immediate control. If I suspected that a dream was not likely to come to fruition, I abandoned it.

When I started writing, I stepped aside from that pattern. The answer to whether I can succeed as a writer was neither outright ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Instead, there was a glimmer of possibility: ‘maybe, one day, if I am lucky…’ It was good enough to set me on this path, but it is not serving my growth.

Do you know how elephants are trained in circus? Apparently, when they are young, they are tied to a strong tree or anything that can hold their weight. They try to break free but after a while, they stop trying, even when they are chained to something completely flimsy! To an extent, I feel like a grown-up elephant. I am strong and I can break free from all the limiting beliefs that kept me small for most of my life. But I am staying put, because, well, at some point I stopped trying.

It’s interesting when I started blogging, I had a series of posts on ‘Dreams’ and I as I am writing this post, I am recognising the importance of letting my mind wonder and imagine what life may have in store if I don’t play small.

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