J is for Jasmin


Welcome to Day 10 From A to Z blogging challenge.

Jasmin is my baby girl. She is six weeks and one day old today. Imagine counting your life in weeks and days! She is as soft and fragrant as jasmine in spring.

She is my baby, of course, and I love her as my child.

She is also my teacher. With her, I am learning what it’s like to be welcomed in the world… as a girl, to be loved for being who you are, and to be accepted exactly as you are without any reservations.

I am on a steep learning curve here.

According to my grandma, when I was born, my father stood over my crib and cursed me for being a girl. I never learnt my father’s side of the story because my maternal grandparents separated my parents when I was two weeks old and I did not get to meet him later in life. Nonetheless, my grandma assured me that my father was suitably punished for his behaviour.

‘How?’ I asked her once.

‘He got three more daughters from his second marriage,’ she said.

There is a saying in Azerbaijan that a family gets condolences twice: when a girl is born and when she dies. You might as well be dead, I guess, if you happen to be a girl.

But not anymore! My little flower was eagerly awaited and warmly welcomed into this world. With her, I was re-born too to finally embrace my femininity, reclaim my power, find my voice and stand up tall and proud. And this is just the beginning! I look forward to learning more about playfulness, joy, light-heartedness and spontaneity, my wise little teacher.

Thank you for your gifts, Jasmin.

4 thoughts on “J is for Jasmin

  1. My ex-husband was not happy when we had a girl and didn’t have anything to do with her all her life. He had a son with someone after me and was in that child’s life. He missed out on a wonderful daughter! Jasmin will teach you a lot, our children often do.

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    • Thank you for sharing, Cheryl. I hear how passionate you are about your daughter and I am glad she had you to love her how she deserved it. Yes, our children are amazing teachers. Thank you for visiting and your comment


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