O is for Opportunities to Grow

OOpportunities to grow are everywhere. They are not necessarily reflected in career advancement, though it is one way in which it may manifest itself. What I refer to here is spiritual growth. Opportunities for this type of growth are in our relationships, career, children’s behaviour, and even mundane activities, like shopping. For example, if people around me are critical, I start paying attention to how my inner critic is speaking to me. If my son is acting out, I take it as an invitation to revisit boundary issues. When I get rejections from magazines, I question whether I don’t value myself enough as a writer.

The answers to our happiness and growth are not out there. They are all inside us.

It doesn’t mean as soon as we notice something we don’t like we can fix it. Change can be incremental and happens when we are ripe for it. The first step though is to become aware. Paying attention and noticing what’s not working in our lives is half of the journey of transformation. The second step is doing some inner work. When our internal reality changes, our external life transforms.

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