X is for X-factor

XI love X-factor. Not for judges’ mean comments, props or hype they create every year. Not for competitiveness among contestants, all the gossip and designer clothes of female judges. Certainly not for Simon or some singers who have a great technique and command of their voice.

I love X factor for those acts they show at the end of each audition. A person who appears on the stage is usually oblivious as to how magnificent she or he is. Jahmene comes to mind. This young man was stocking shelves in Asda. He had a little nervous chuckle every time he opened his mouth. His awkward posture suggested he was not particularly comfortable in his own skin. I remember looking at him and mentally cringing at what was coming. And then he sang. I still have goose bumps at the recollection of his greatness shining through. That moment his life has transformed.

We all have that authentic greatness. It may show up in singing, dancing, teaching, perhaps in a dish no one else can cook like us, being a mother or father. It’s not the form that matters. What really matters is whether we allow full expression of our gifts. What really matters is whether we are courageous enough to claim our own power despite the voice of doubt or potential criticism like the one many acts receive in auditions to X-factor.

Let your authentic light shine through. That’s why you are here.



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