Y is for Yellow

IMG_3214 IMG_3228As the blogging challenge is drawing to its end, I decided to have a lighter post today. Yellow to be more precise.

Aren’t these flowers beautiful? And what I find even more beautiful is that they revel in being their authentic selves. You wouldn’t imagine a yellow flower wishing it was red or blue? Equally, we don’t look at them and think, yes, you are pretty, but you’d be even prettier if you were purple. We accept their bIMG_3197eauty as it is.

I’d like to come to the point in life where I’d accept myself for all my colours, exactly as they are.

6 thoughts on “Y is for Yellow

  1. That’s where we’re different, Gulara – you see, I often think, “I prefer you in another colour”, when i see a flower! But that’s the consumer in me, for my garden, or a vase. If I am wandering on a walk, of course…I just drink it all in, especially the tiny little periwinkle in its gorgeous salmon hue. Ie it doesn’t matter, big or small, each has beauty. And yes, accepting you and accepting me in all our own colours. The ultimate goal – sometimes achieved, sometimes not. Which we accept too…!!

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    • Thank you for your beautiful share, Suzy! It’s full of wisdom. And accepting ourselves and others does not happen in one big go, does it? It’s a discipline and it can change from moment to moment. The key is to stay awake.
      Thank you for visiting and commenting.


    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we accepted ourselves, others and events of our life exactly as they are? Life would be much simpler and happier. So much suffering is caused by not accepting what is… Thank you for your wise words


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