Spring is in the air

IMG_3262As you may know, I survived a blogging challenge. Yuppie! I thoroughly enjoyed blogging daily even though it stretched me in more ways I imagined was possible. I feel stronger, more authentic and my blogging muscle is stronger than ever before. In one month only I’ve built more confidence than in seven. So, I decided to carry on exercising this muscle until further notice.

The other thing I found really helpful was to have a theme for the month. It gave focus and clear container for my inspiration. So, from now on, each month I’ll have a different theme.

The theme for May is… (drum roll) SPRING.

Why? Because spring in England is one of the things I love most in life. I remember distinctly my PhD interview in 2006. We were asked to come in one by one to hear the interviewers’ decision.

‘We’d like to offer you a full scholarship to do your PhD.’

In that moment, I did not think, oh my God, they’ll pay my tuition fees at the overseas rate, as well as pay me to do what I love. Nor did it cross my mind that I’ll be teaching seminars on European Law, which I loved with all my heart at that time.

The first and only thought I had in response was:

‘I am going to see three more springs in England.’

This is my tenth spring in this country and I love it as much as I did in my first year, perhaps even more. I become more awake and present this time of the year, paying closer attention to colours and abundance of flowers. Seeing tree skeletons covered with intricate leaves and catkins fills me with joy and wonder. Watching babies of geese, ducks and other birds makes me acutely aware of life cycles and nourishes my creativity.

So, this month, I’ll be sharing some photos and reflections on spring season, the value of spring-cleaning and even ways of regaining spring in my step.

I’ll be writing for three weeks this month, except for week-ends and on odd occasion when my son is off nursery for health reasons. The last week of May I’ll be glamping with my family in Devon, so I’ll sign off the Internet completely.

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading.

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