A-to-Z+Reflection+[2015]+-+LgInspiration is already here.

Muse rarely comes and finds us when we stare into a blank screen of a computer. In contrary, we need to find muse in our daily life amidst of doing chores and the chaos of ordinary.

This is the most valuable lesson I’ve learnt during the A to Z blogging challenge. My posts were inspired by whatever went on in my life: wedding anniversary, my son’s visit to the children’s hospital, my grandma’s birthday, my decision to offer 1:1 work to women to find their voice in life and on paper, etc. I learnt that when our feet are firmly planted in here and now, we can reach and touch extraordinary wisdom which is all around us.

My inspiration throughout April was a lime tree outside of my bedroom. It taught me a lot. Every time I take it in, it looks different. Here are a couple of photos of that tree so that you have a better sense of what I am on about.

IMG_3331 IMG_3299 IMG_3330 IMG_3329IMG_3395

So, when I look at this tree, I ask: can I approach my writing from a different angle? Can I see the events of my life I am writing about completely fresh? Watching this tree has become a sort of meditation for me. It’s my trigger to wake up and become more conscious from moment to moment.

Commitment and dedication can take us a long way. Muse alone can’t.

I joined the A to Z blogging challenge when my daughter was one month old. I made my way through the letters of the alphabet while dealing with a serious flu, tooth abscess and extraction, chicken pox scare, my son’s croup, Easter holiday with no nursery support, wedding anniversary, in other words while life was happening all the time. And it hit me: there never will be the right time to pursue my dreams. There is always something more urgent that demands my attention. Only commitment and dedication to writing can pave my path to the writing career. Muse alone can’t.

Focus and intention take us deeper into our investigation.

The theme I chose for the challenge was authenticity. One post about authenticity could be illuminating, but looking at this theme from different angles helped me drop deeper and deeper, bypassing my conscious mind, turning this enquiry into way of living rather than simply blogging. Even writing this blog post confirmed the value of exploring the same issue again and again. I’ve already written about the benefits of the blogging challenge on my writing and my life in the last April blog post, but these reflections took me a notch deeper.

Thank you for reading.

14 thoughts on “Reflections

    • Thank you for reading, Rashida, deep gratitude for all the support! I am really enjoying writing at the moment, as well as connecting with readers and other writers. Makes this spring extra special.


    • Thank you, Debbie. I loved reading your reflections post today. Look forward to catching up on your posts – a lot of great pieces to read. Thank you for the visit, I am on the Road Trip too 🙂


  1. Hi Gulara I’m here as a participant of the A to Z Road Trip because April was too hectic for me to visit as many blogs as I would have liked to. Never mind I’m here now and enjoyed your reflection. As others have reflected just rolling up our sleeves and getting on with the post for each day is the way to go, rather than bemoaning the lack of a muse. 🙂 Linda

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Linda, thank you for stopping by and your warm comments. Apologies for a late reply – we were on a family holiday with no internet access. I hope you enjoyed the challenge. The best part for me is meeting other bloggers

      Liked by 1 person

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