Being more

IMG_3264I’ve been thoroughly enjoying exploring the world with my son lately. As the weather is warming up, we are spending more time in the garden. Watching bumble bees in the orange blossom of crab-apple shrubs, letting ladybirds crawl on our hands and fly off, spotting birds in the sky is a sheer delight. Seen through his young eyes, the world is exciting and refreshing. Apart from the obvious enjoyment of spending time with my kid, being in nature allows my brain to relax. In those moments everything else stops existing and just ‘being’ is the greatest of all joys.

I used to be incredibly pragmatic in the past. I was reluctant to read anything that was non law-related. Of course, I read other books, but the thought that I should be reading something ‘useful’ plagued me. It’s only now I fully grasp the limitations of this approach. Because what I denied myself was an opportunity to be truly creative.

In the last two weeks or so, I started taking short solitary walks. I take my camera and indulge in taking photos of trees and flowers in our local park. Without trying or actively thinking about it, I often return with an idea for the next blog post.

Being’ without an agenda allows our thinking mind to take a break. It is one of the keys of productivity and creativity. I am sure all of us know about this. But how often do we put this knowledge into practice. Or is that just me? I find even ‘being’ requires me to be more disciplined. It pays off though…

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