When life gets in your way… relax

IMG_3194When life gets in your way… relax.

If you told me this even a few months ago, I’d probably replied ‘easier said than done’. But it seems that life is determined to teach me this particular lesson. And it uses a rather persuasive method. My son has a croup. Again. And do you know what’s the most effective way to treat croup is? Relaaax.

I still struggle though. I kind of got the principle intellectually, but its practical application is rather haphazard. What I’ve realised though is how much energy I expend fighting what is. OK, I’d rather he didn’t have it, but he has. Just dealing with it in the moment is more straightforward than wishing it away. The same goes for all sorts of other life events: rejections and rain are two examples which popped into my head.

So, mental note to myself: the next time life gets in the way, relax. Fighting what is does not get any results. I simply leak my energy. The way through is just to get on with it.

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