Staying in the flow even when things don’t go as planned

IMG_3219The last six days have been testing. Life seems to have a mind of its own, which I guess it always does, but my illusion of control over my time has vanished.

First, my husband was ill. Then my son got very poorly. Now, my little one is having her first cold. All plans got cancelled. No writing has been happening except for rushed blog posts.

The question I’ve been asking myself throughout these six days is ‘how can I support myself in the midst of this difficult patch?’ OK, there is breathing, a couple of techniques I use in times of crisis, but ultimately, I am giving out energy which I am not replenishing.

The answer to my question came this afternoon. My husband wanted to connect, whilst I felt it was yet another demand on my energy.

‘I’ll pull myself together,’ I promised.

‘I want to meet you where you are,’ he said.

I didn’t get it straightaway, but I soon realised that for the last few days, I was desperately wishing things were different to what they are. I wanted to be in a different place – energised, full of life, with healthy and happy family. No wonder I was pulled out of shape! Meeting ourselves exactly where we are is essential to staying in the flow. It’s only a matter of time before that flow takes us out of a rough current. But if I jump out because the current is not to my liking, then it takes longer to get back into the normal flow. Another energy drainer busted…


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