Unexpected Gratitude

IMG_3377I’ve been feeling rather nauseous and headachy this morning. It’s that morning sickness type of feeling (in case you are wondering, no, I am not pregnant). Suddenly, everything feels difficult: eating, playing with my son, even drinking water. All I want to do is to lie down and rest.

I tried to fight the feeling for a while. I got up and played with my son, until I had to dash to the loo and loiter by the door, just in case. I pretended I was fine and checked my e-mails, until the activity became unbearable. I made some phone calls in the hope for a distraction. Anyway, eventually, I sat down and allowed myself to feel all the exhaustion and nausea. As soon as I relaxed enough, a new feeling surfaced and took me by surprise. Gratitude. Gratitude for all the times I feel well. Gratitude for having a functioning body. OK, I have some pains and aches, but they don’t interfere with my daily activities. As a result, most of the time, I take my body for granted. If anything, I get cross with it if it lets me down.

Feeling gratitude in the midst of physical discomfort was an eye-opener. It presented me with an opportunity to be gentle with my body, to say, ‘I hear you. I’ll slow down. I might even have a treatment today to nourish, instead of fixing you. Oh, and, by the way, thank you for serving me so well that I hardly notice you.’

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Gratitude

  1. I love your new post, perfect, glad you are getting gratitude. I remember I was going to suggest the exercise from Thich Nhat hanh to you – Dear one I am hear for you – something like tune in and say Dear bowels I am here for you, I am sorry you are feeling churned up I am here for you  I am caring for you I am sorry etc etc. xx

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