Growth is not linear

IMG_3324I offered my 1:1 a week ago. It was a deeply rewarding and exciting experience. It also showed gaps in my offering. I stepped back to revisit my next steps.

In the past, I might have viewed that retreat as a defeat. I used to set a target and then march towards it, pushing and forcing the desired outcome. Even if I achieved my targets, the process was not always easy.

I have deeper appreciation for growth now (albeit even that appreciation is not linear).

So, two key lessons learnt in action:

First, the growth does not happen in one big go. It’s more of a zigzag. One step forward, one step back. The key to growth is to take that first step. I am so glad I did it because I can now evaluate the experience and decide on the next step. I can perfect the offering in abstract, but strengths and shortcomings are clearer when we view them in context.

Second, after an expansion there is often a contraction. One of my spiritual teachers put it bluntly but to the point: ‘Big opening, big closing. Big meal, big sh*t.’ The trick is to be patient and gentle with ourselves. Once we have expanded, we can do it again. The hardest part is to take that first step.

2 thoughts on “Growth is not linear

    • Oh, absolutely! I trust that the offering will attract the right people and deliver what each of us need in this moment. It’s more of practicalities of space, insurance or no insurance, getting further clarity on what is my promise to the client… Thank you for your encouragement, Caroline. And Leonard’s words are a great reminder not to get lost in detail.xx


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