Simple Joys of Life

IMG_3522I woke up this morning to this heart-warming scene.

Even a few years ago I wouldn’t have believed that one day I’ll live in a house with a fox family happily playing in my garden. I remember at age nine I wrote my first poem about befriending a lynx, so much was my desire to be closer to wildlife. To live that kind of dream today is simply unbelievable.

And it got me thinking.

– Sometimes, we live our dreams and not even aware of that. It happens organically and something we considered impossible gently eases itself into our lives.

– Simple joys of life are here every day. It may not be a fox. It could be a bird, a bee, a butterfly. If all fails, it could be a breath. We just need to slow down enough to catch the beauty of this moment.

2 thoughts on “Simple Joys of Life

    • Thank you, Robin, yes, incredibly blessed to live in such a safe neighbourhood. We are not even in the country side – it’s a big city. It’s just one of our hedges gone wild and they have a nice shelter there. Thank you for visiting, follow and commenting – all much appreciated!


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