Allow Answers to Find You

IMG_3588Before we left for the family camp in Embercombe, I made a decision: I will not check my social media, answer phone calls or get distracted in any other way.

Despite my determination I felt nervous. What if I couldn’t manage six days without the screen? And what about my blog, efforts to build an author platform, etc. etc. etc….

I was pleasantly surprised. There was no pull to use my phone. I happily turned it off when we arrived and reluctantly checked it on the drive back.

Switching off from the world had an amazing effect. Although I wasn’t working in an obvious way, work was being done at a much deeper lever. It was as if my being was expanding and downloading all sorts of ideas I was struggling to come up consciously. I returned home with two major shifts:

  1. Although I completed a memoir about my childhood in Azerbaijan last August and revised it in March 2015, it still felt incomplete. I struggled to make my book an offering to the world. It felt… too personal, which is understandable because it’s about my childhood. Except, I knew that a clean and clear message could transform it into something which went beyond my personal circumstances. When I finally stopped searching for that magic ingredient, emptied my mind and opened to life, the answer to my prayers came effortlessly.
  2. Before I left for the camp I was grappling with the content of my 1:1 offering to women to free their voice in life and in writing. I had several tools I could use in sessions, but I wasn’t entirely clear how and why they fitted together. As with the book, I now have clarity on how to move forward. It all makes perfect sense. What’s more, it works!

Allowing is powerful. Sometimes we get in our own way and block the answers to our prayers. When that happens, take a break, stay still and open to life. Allow the answer to find you.

2 thoughts on “Allow Answers to Find You

    • Thank you for reading, Susan, yes, great message, I just need to remember to follow it more consistently! 🙂 Writing this down helps to anchor the intellectual understanding in day-to-day life.

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