Drop Deeper

embercombeThis post is bringing ‘Embercombe tales’ to close (for now). Unless some insight is burning to be shared, I’ll move on and switch my attention to what’s here now.

As you might have surmised from my previous posts, this was our third family camp at Embercombe. We signed up to do it while I was still pregnant with my daughter. We had no idea how we’ll manage with a three-month old baby and a toddler, but we trusted that the gentle holding of the camp would support us through highs and lows.

What I also didn’t know was how profound this camp will be.

The tools we used in parenting support sessions for the last three years took me deeper than ever before. Instead of running around the camp site to familiarise ourselves with the lake, woods and gardens, we allowed ourselves to rest. The feeling that we might miss out was simply not there. We knew what the score was. We took it in our own stride.

When our mind is familiar with tools and settings it relaxes and allows exploration at a much deeper level.

In the world where there are more and more new offerings and exciting things to see and do, there is a real value in mastering one thing before we move on and visit another 10. Whilst the novelty can be exciting and awaken our senses, the reward of visiting the known is to drop deeper.

Writing a series of blog posts on our adventures in Embercombe allowed me to reflect further on insights and learning I experienced this year and anchor them until the next time. Thank you for reading!

3 thoughts on “Drop Deeper

  1. I’m visiting from the A2ZRoadTrip and I don’t think we met during the April challenge, so it’s nice to meet you this morning. While I certainly enjoy my day trips with DH (or in the past with our three small children), I learned that I enjoy these outings even more when writing about them or filtering through photographs. Everything seen retrospectively in the mind is like watching a flower bloom that leaves a sweet fragrance in its unfolding. Enjoy your life one experience at a time every time you put your thoughts to print. Have an amazing weekend!

    Meet my grandparents part IV #FlashbackFriday!

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    • Thank you for visiting and commenting Cathy, much appreciated. I love how you describe writing about seeing things in retrospect – beautiful! I had a quick look at your site and I am so impressed. Will be back to read more. Love the piece about your grandparents. I write about my grandma from time to time.
      Have a great week-end!


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