A Day of Self-Care

IMG_3469Today turned out to be a day of self-care. A luxuriating bath set a calm and steady pace to the day. I had a Reiki treatment which relaxed and opened me further. 15 minutes of weeding in the garden followed by a long nap in the afternoon was a perfect balance of physical work and rest. Cooking a nourishing meal grounded me. To top it all up, I strolled with my son in the park. Walking in a light rain was refreshing and liberating.

And just like that without trying to figure it all out, I am clearer on the next steps on my writing journey. I can see how I get in my own way and how to overcome these obstacles. A little bit of distance and gentleness towards myself provided more answers than days of pushing and striving.

Sometimes rest and self-care can provide more clarity than hours of working things out intellectually.

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