Good Things Happen When We Take Action [with a Video]

Yesterday, I wrote about my resistance to make this video.  In this video I talk about my childhood and why I wrote a memoir ‘Girls Matter.’

As soon as I put my message into the world, something unexpected followed.

We were at the Midlands Art Centre (MAC) today to meet some friends and attend baby classes with my daughter. After classes we nearly dashed home, but in the end decided to have lunch at the MAC. Not far from where we sat, there was a BBC radio stand with several people handing leaflets to MAC visitors.

‘What BBC radio crew is doing here?’ My husband observed several times during lunch.

‘I don’t know. Why don’t you go and ask them?’

‘They could interview you, you know.’

‘Should I go and tell them that I wrote a book?’

‘Yeah, why not.’ I just shrugged.

On the way out, my husband approached the stand. I stopped a few steps away with our baby girl, waiting for him to find out what this was all about.

‘Would you like a leaflet?’ A woman on the BBC radio stand asked.

‘No, no, I am waiting for my husband. We are together,’ I said indicating that he was picking up a leaflet already.

‘We are looking for life stories. Is there a story you’d like to share with our audience?’ she didn’t give up. 

Two minutes later I was leaving my contact details and arranging for an interview about my book with BBC radio … today! I’m pleased to report that I had my first interview about my memoir on BBC radio at around 5:05pm.

Although the content of the video and the interview is important, stretching and growing beyond my comfort zone has far more significance. Making a video yesterday opened a pathway for the energy to flow effortlessly to the next point on my writing journey. By taking action, I said a life-affirming ‘YES’ to my book and my writing.

When we take action, the next step unfolds effortlessly and naturally.

P.S. Here is the link to the BBC radio interview. It’s at 1 hour 10 min (

7 thoughts on “Good Things Happen When We Take Action [with a Video]

    • Thank you for your comment, Viga, much appreciated! I feel even though I have a voice, I still speak in a half-whisper. I was acutely aware of the sound issue (I was filming on a little camera with a video function), but it is a part of my authentic expression right now. The next time I do this, sound will be number one consideration 🙂


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