Rise and Shine, Women! It’s time…

IMG_3818This morning, I read a blog post about ‘Starving Artist Lifestyle’ by a writer I follow and much admire. Her writing is excellent. After reading her posts, I learn something new and useful to improve my writing. I also feel inspired.

Today’s post left me feeling lost. In the post, she explained how she manages to survive on a very small income as a writer for a decade and a half! Don’t get me wrong, I admire this writer for her determination and being able to get comfortable below the poverty line.

But perhaps, I have starved enough in my lifetime. I know what it’s like to starve. Literally. I still remember the physical sensation of spasms in my stomach which was so empty it hurt. I still have nightmares about my step-brother crying in front of a bread shop because my mum could not afford to buy even the cheapest bread. I still carry the pain of seeing my step-dad’s fingerprints on my mum’s neck because she dared to hide the last piece of bread to feed my baby step-sister.

So, the idea of starving artist does not attract me. Nor do I feel content to squeeze writing in between my main job as a university lecturer, raising two kids, being a wife, etc. etc. I want to make decent living from writing and my 1:1 work. Is this too much to ask? I say no. Does any other profession tolerate this attitude? Could you go to a doctor, lawyer, even a butcher and say – offer your services for free or nearly free and while you are at it, do a brilliant job!

Anyway, I am grateful that this writer inspired me once again. We don’t have to fulfil this expectation that as an artist we have to starve.

There is another way.

By doing the inner work and shedding limiting beliefs about ourselves and our vocation, we could embrace a different reality: the life where women express themselves freely and fully; where we as women are heard, seen and valued for all of who we are; where we are paid well for our talents and contributions.

I’ve started offering 1:1 work to women to free their voice on paper and in life and several women’s lives are already touched. I am on a mission to help 100 women by 1 July 2016 to move forward with their creative careers and to make full use of their creative expression.

No more holding back or playing small. Rise women, rise! Rise and shine! Say ‘yes’ to being valued and paid for your creative expression.

Watch out this space for further details of 1:1 work.

14 thoughts on “Rise and Shine, Women! It’s time…

  1. I am definitely glad that I found your blog, your posts are all so inspiring.
    My fiancé always pushes me to follow my own path, to live my life and not just be a shadow as so many women are. He does not want me to be lost the day our daughter leaves the home. And I am proud to say that lately I have been edging closer to my true self.

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    • Oh, thank you so much for your kind words. I’ve been loving your posts too. Read your story about summer on Ula’s blog. Fab! And I am really glad your fiancé is so supportive of you following your own path. It is setting a powerful example to your daughter and empowering her to do the same when she leaves home. The world needs more people who are their true selves and I am delighted to hear that you are closer to your true self.

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      • You are welcome. Your blog gets me thinking so much! I guess it is because I have decided to be myself.
        He has always been very supportive, and I think that I am quite supportive myself, after many conversations he is now studying the thing that he has had a passion for since he’s been a kid. Something that he’s not dared/thought of in the past.
        I don’t want our daughter to think that we have her future mapped out (way too many parents do that, and the kids end up quite unhappy/stressed). I am thinking (started writing it) about doing a post about edging closer to my true self but it takes strength to reflect on one’s past mistakes and regrets.
        I too found you on Ula’s blog, the Monday Inspiration story…

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      • I’m so grateful to hear that my blog is helpful. When I took part in A-Z blogging challenge in April, I chose theme authenticity. It really helped me to be more real in this space. And from personal experience, there is nothing as empowering and liberating as being your true self. Your mistakes and regrets – now that you have some distance from them – can be the biggest learning and gift you can give others and yourself. In my month of exploring authenticity, I decided to write what comes up without planning, pushing or rushing. So let the lessons come through when they are ready – you’ll be amazed how many people resonate and say – I really needed to hear that today. Good luck on this amazing journey of transformation. Really happy for your partner and daughter too. When we are our true selves, it’s easier to allow others to be themselves too.

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      • Oh authenticity is such a great theme! I have to go back and read your A to Z posts, I did not come across them, and I admit that I have been slow with going onto the Post A to Z road Trip. But there are priorities…
        Thank you! I feel so much better (which is strange as I thought that I was truly happy…) since I started blogging, it is such a great way of letting my imagination/thoughts/opinions run free.
        I agree with you on being our true selves in order to help others be their true selves. I have for a few months now trying to encourage others to follow their passion, and well I have seen some positive outcomes.
        Your blog is definitely great!

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      • There is nothing as potent as a shining example. People often open up consciously (or unconsciously) when someone is being their true self. Keep shining your light on this world! We all need more of that.

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  2. What I love about your expression Gulara is that I feel I relate to you. You are powerful in your writing, I feel your emotion and also your deepest heartfelt desire for especially women. Your depth and presence continue to inspire me, more please xx

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