IMG_3897Yesterday, in my video blog, I shared that in my view and experience, true transformation and healing takes place over time. Eager to get quick results, I used to worry that healing turned into some form of addiction for me. The pull to get on yet another workshop or book 1:1 was often overwhelmingly strong. How do I know whether this stuff is actually working? Over time, that question fell away. Yes there was a tendency to do more than was comfortable. I created busyness out of thin air distracting myself from feeling difficult emotions. But as I worked my way through various programmes and courses, I gradually learnt to slow down. I do mostly what feels essential (it’s still a lot…) The true barometer of healing for me is ‘self-care’. More I heal, the better is my self-care. I am able to stand in my power and take responsibility for what I want in life. There is something else that happens when we heal. When our needs are met, we are rested, balanced and fulfilled, our capacity for compassion expands greatly. We are gentler with ourselves and others. In an attempt to cultivate more of it in my life, the theme for July is compassion. I invite you to pay closer attention to your inner talk. It can be a great indicator of how well you treat yourself and people around you.

7 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. Gulara I am still to watch your video and look forward to it – I want time to watch and not hurry as is my wont. Thank you for this reminder about being compassionate to self, so important and needed and which extends to the outer world as well. I THINK I’m getting a little better at this .. and self care …

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    • Thank you for commenting, Susan. I feel I need to be reminded or consciously focusing on these themes to actively cultivate self-care, compassion, etc. I know how important they are, and yet it is so easy to run with the inner critic sometimes. I am delighted you are comfortable with self-care and compassion. For me they are the best indicators of where we are on our journey.


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