Stay Open

IMG_3884As you may know from my last post, I had some dental work done on Friday.

The day before the dental work, I had a session to clear the emotional charge around the procedure I’ve been dreading for many years. My 1:1 Skype session was scheduled for 8am.

‘Caspian is still asleep,’ my husband said around 7:45am. ‘What shall we do?’

I was lost. The night before was humid and sticky and my son had not slept very well. He could have slept in this morning, except my husband had to be out before my session was over. Either way we had to wake him up, and irrespective of when he was up, my session was likely to be interrupted. I was frantically trying to work out how to manage the situation. Should I wake him up now while I had a few minutes to connect? Should I just accept that I’ll miss out on parts of my session? Should I reschedule the session?

Eventually, I resigned myself to interruptions and decided to have the session. Five minutes later, my son was up. He came to the room and climbed up on my lap as he does every morning. After exchanging morning kisses, I explained that I needed some time on Skype and he had to spend the morning with his daddy. Without another word, he got off my lap and went off with my husband.

I sighed with relief. A moment later, my daughter got unsettled. She normally gurgles in the background during my sessions, playing happily and demanding little attention. On that day though, she was not having it. She wanted to be held and she really disliked the content of my session. Throughout.

It just really showed me how resourceful but limited mind can be sometimes. I didn’t see this coming at all. While I was frantically working out how to manage the situation with my son, I overlooked that my daughter might need attention on that day.

Lesson learnt (I knew this intellectually, but it’s nice to anchor this felt sense with a simple reminder):

Don’t fret about things you can’t control. It may never happen. Likewise, in the face of unknown, step back to be able to see the bigger picture.

Oh, and the dental work went well. I’ve been having horrendous headaches and throat ache (pain I did not anticipate). I guess, it’s just confirming the message for me.  Even pigeonholing the type and location of pain may have its limitations.

What we anticipate may not always work out the way we expect. Stay open.

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