‘Darling, I am Here for You’

IMG_3917‘Darling, I am here for you.

Darling, I know you are there.

Darling, I know you suffer, that is why I am here for you.

Darling, I suffer, please help me.’

I watched Thich Nhat Hanh’s interview with Oprah the other day and couldn’t put his words out of my mind.


The man is a walking embodiment of compassion. If only we could always articulate our feelings so simply and cleanly when we hurt…

But there was something else that stayed with me. He spoke about monks setting themselves on fire to get attention, to be heard. I am somewhat haunted by those images. The things we do to make ourselves heard…

As a young person, I cried for attention. I used to smoke, drink, have unhealthy relationship, diet, in the hope AND terror that someone may notice my pain. My desire to be seen and heard in my distress whilst simultaneously hiding out was tearing me apart. I look back at my younger self with sadness and compassion now. And all I can say to her today is this:

Darling, I am here for you.

Because in the end that’s all that matters.

10 thoughts on “‘Darling, I am Here for You’

    • This touched me so much, Susan, beautiful! Sometimes, it’s enough to know that someone sees, accepts and loves us wherever we are on our journey. Sending love and compassion to your brother.

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    • Thank you, Nabanita, it’s so true. When we learn to nurture ourselves we are kinder and more accepting of others too. So it’s a win-win process. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!


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