Listen and witness my heart song


Every time I hear my heart’s little song, I light up

There is so much softness and compassion in there.

There is also a lot of power.

What could be more fulfilling in life

But to sing our heart’s song.

And to be heard.

To remember who we truly are

And to never betray that soft flower within

Which wants to blossom at dawn

When our hearts open up

And sing their true song

18 thoughts on “Listen and witness my heart song

  1. So beautiful – made me teary. It is particularly moving after the weekend I just had. I participated in a 2-day Red Tent workshop where we focused on filling our roots with “honey”.

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    • Filling roots with ‘honey’ sounds exquisite, Ula, so glad for you. And immensely grateful for your feedback. Something is occurring to my writing these days – words want to come out in lines. 🙂 I am not fighting it, just taken by surprise.


  2. Gulara: As a man and strongly trained in physical sciences with emphasis on objective facts, and not introspection, I have a lot to learn from you.

    Do you think that women have more words that express inward consciousness than men?

    I know that Susan Scott has good judgment by asking permission, for her new book, to “import’ some of your wisdom and poetic sensitivity!


    • Joseph, thank you for reading and commenting here, and deep gratitude for your kind words. I believe wisdom is non-gender specific. It’s non-personal. It’s available to all of us. It may sound different because each of us has our own unique authentic voice. The key, I think, is not the choice of words, but willingness to channel that voice. And even though the words maybe different and our expression may have different vibrations, we all recognise that universal truth when it’s expressed authentically.
      I’ve studied and taught law for many years, a profession where one rarely says something half-formulated. It took me several years to un-learn this habit and to trust whatever is coming through is right and ripe and will have the resonance it meant to. I am saying this because it can be done. Wishing you all the best!


    • Joseph, that’s incredibly kind of you to say. Thank you. Your words are received with deep gratitude and appreciation. I am glad sharing my experience with you was helpful.


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