The truth is out


There is nothing to hide

The truth is out

Are you ready for your new life

Where you can shine your light

And get to be found out

By fellow seekers, with delight

I’m here for you and with you

To discover how it really feels in truth

To let yourself off the hook.

Of expectations,

of being someone else

But you

Tell your deepest truth

You don’t need to communicate it to others

Don’t knock at the closed doors

To whisper your secret desires.

Acknowledge it to yourself

Own it. Live it. Let it have its expression

In the dance of life

The darker is your dark

The brighter is your light

To illuminate the truth

Of who you truly are

Step out of your own shadow

Own your truth,

find your voice,

Tell your story,

let yourself be seen

And then see what follows

This opening to authenticity,

Stepping into your own authority.

Listen in and speak your truth

as it wants to come out

Perhaps it’s just a murmur in the night

Perhaps it’s a roar from a mountain top

Maybe it’s a whisper by a river

Or a shout in a thunderstorm

Let the rain wash it over together with your tears

Let the ocean engulf your sorrows

Let the truth out to one that it matters.


And then find the courage to forgive

The one who needs it the most


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