Week-end Coffee Share – 1 August 2015

IMG_4260If we were having coffee, I’d welcome you to our garden to sit on the grass. We tried it yesterday with some family friends and I had such a blast! The weather was gorgeous and we spent hours playing outside. I’d like to do more of that, so if you don’t mind, make yourself comfortable on the soft mossy grass and smell roses.

Tell me, how have you been? How was your week? Oh, and what would you like to drink? Give me a second to fetch refreshments.

My week was great. There was a lot more balance between work and play. On the work front, I completed another submission to my writing mentor and feel really pleased with myself. One more and I’ll be up-to-date… I wanted to tell you that there are some shifts in my writing. Lately, words want to come out in lines which I have no plausible explanation for. Here is an example. Another thing that makes my heart sing is when I share my offering with other women. I had two sessions with amazing women this week and somehow I feel stronger for them. Witnessing their transformation opens my heart up and strengthens my own practice. One of those sessions was about the writers’ block, and I am convinced that the process helped my own writing in equal measure.

On the play front, I had a luxuriating massage on Wednesday. I felt lighter, brighter and happier for it. Thank you, amazing Charlotte Kanyi! My back is feeling a lot better and I’ve been enjoying long walks in our local park. My son likes checking out dark passages and dens under the trees in case there are any bears. Yes, bears… You never know. We call them out, but I don’t think they are home. Ever. On Thursday, I stumbled across a tai-chi class. It’s offered outside of the cafe we visit regularly and it’s free of charge. I joined a group of 10 half-way through the class. I was surprised that my body remembered all the moves. It missed this practice so much. So, I think there is a new welcome addition to my weekly activities.

Well, better go. We are going to a farm today. Yes, farm. My son loves meeting his favourite characters from books in real life. Old McDonald style… And our family friends are joining us again today, so I look forward to a fun day out.

Have a great week-end! And don’t forget to visit Diana’s blog. She hosts weekend coffee shares. You can even leave your own post in the relevant link.

6 thoughts on “Week-end Coffee Share – 1 August 2015

  1. Your week sounds great. Who knows, maybe there are bears… A few years ago I stumbled upon bear tracks in Austria, in 2 weeks we’ll be there and might see some (hopefully only from a distance).
    Enjoy the visit of the farm. You seem to have a great kid 😀
    Enjoy your weekend and the week to come.

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    • Wow, bare tracks. I don’t think I’d even recognise it… Well, I hope you enjoy your time in Austria and I am sure seeing a bear (from a distance) could turn into an excellent blog post or two.
      The farm visit was great. And thank you for your kind words about my son – he is gorgeous! Trying to wind down after a few exciting days…


  2. Bear hunts are always fun, particularly when there is no danger of finding an actual bear. Might try looking for bears with my kids this week. Hope you are having a productive week, and getting lots of writing done. (my own writing seems to have slowed down.)

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    • Thank you for the follow and your sweet comment, Rosie. I am having a rather slow start to the week, but hope to pick the speed up after resting a bit – bear hunts with a two and a half year old can be tiring 🙂
      What are you working on? And what slows you down? Hope I am not too nosy 🙂 Just curious as it’s something I am working on in addition to my writing.

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      • Bear hunts with toddlers are the best!
        In answer to your questions, I’m currently working on my second novel, the first is with the editor at the moment.
        I’ve been trying to pinpoint whats been slowing me down and its a difficult one. I suspect its my body adjusting to having sent off book 1 and a change in job. My body is getting used to being able to rest!

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