Decide to Rise

IMG_4259Decide to rise

Despite the doubt

Decide to rise

Above the clouds

Decide to rise

To love, to shine

Decide to rise

Without shame

Decide to rise

Through pain or gain

Decide to rise

It is your birthright

Decide to rise

The way you meant to

Decide to rise

Wake up. And up

Decide to rise…

P.S. I have.

All you need is to commit to it

Decide to rise

8 thoughts on “Decide to Rise

    • Of course, Susan, I am enormously grateful for your suggestion. Yes, please 🙂
      As to commitment, it’s such a big word sometimes. It may feel big and heavy, weighed down by responsibility. To me, it ultimately means saying ‘yes’. When I decided to learn English, I did not imagine how far I might rise one day. It was a whole-hearted decision to say ‘yes’ to my passion, a commitment in other words. When we commit in that way transformation may simply be amazing. It’s great to consciously reconnect with, as you pointed out, the power of commitment. I’ve been noticing some holding back and ambivalence in putting my memoir out into the world out of fear that I might hurt someone’s feelings… In need of a decision to say a clear and whole-hearted ‘yes’. Ambivalence can be so painful…

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      • Please delete if you can Gulara, previous comments if they got sent, unfinished. Am on iPad and making errors. Saying ‘yes’ to the psyche is something I’ve written about previously in various ways, and the power of this ‘yes’ is transformative indeed.

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      • No problem, Susan.
        I’d love to read your writing on saying ‘yes’! Will have to dig around your blog for this treasure… Thank you for mentioning it. I hope you are having a lovely time by the sea.


  1. It is a decision—to keep going upwards, or let yourself slide into decline. I didn’t used to think it was, because for me, it was automatic and unconscious. However it is a decision, although many people aren’t aware they have a choice. I hope people become aware that they do have a choice. Good on you, Gulara, that you have the wisdome to see and decide, and I hope others reading this become aware of their choices, too.

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    • Thank you for reading and commenting Louise. I know what you mean about automatic. More I let go of the past hurts, more aware I am of this choice we have at every given moment. It can be so empowering to embrace this notion.

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