Week-end Coffee Share – 8 August 2015

IMG_4389If we were having coffee today, I’d call my son to play with us. He’s got a super cute game which he usually plays in a bath. He fills up two little bottle tops with water and in the poshest tone imaginable say:

‘Cup of tea?’

It cracks me up every time he does that.

So, cup of tea, dear reader?

I’d have one myself. Breastfeeding you know… I can drink tea non-stop these days. The only downside is my habit of having ‘something’ with my tea, which is usually a slice of cake, chocolate or something else rather sweet.

How have you been this week? How’s life? How’s your writing going (or anything else you enjoy doing these days)?

I’ve been well. The week whizzed by. We had a rather sociable week, which was rather fun. Picnics on the mossy grass are turning into a norm, I am pleased to report.

I also had a blast from the past. A man I’ve met first in 2003 came to visit us. My home university sent me to the University of Indiana to develop several modules and he was a professor there. Since then I have seen him once more in Azerbaijan, probably in 2004. He has not changed a bit. A prolific writer, he spent this summer in Wales to finish writing up his new book. He was here on Tuesday and Wednesday. We walked around all local parks and he tired me out. Honestly, my legs are still hurting. Amazingly fit in his 70s, he skipped with my son and told us many funny stories. I haven’t laughed so much lately and his charming company was a sheer delight.

Despite enjoying his visit a lot, I fell into a usual pattern of not looking well after myself. I get so over-excited when I have visitors… It’s an old habit. As a child, I was quite lonely. I didn’t have siblings and I was never allowed to visit my friends. On rare occasions I had a playmate, I overcompensate for all the times I felt lonely. Needless to say, I was rather drained at the end of their visit. I am afraid I haven’t changed much in that respect. 

But… I have learnt how to nurture myself.

To restore my energies:

  • I played with colours. Here is a sample.


  • I went and sang in a choir. Stevie Wonder’s ‘As’ gave me such a blast! It went straight to my soul and even though I haven’t sung it before, I felt like my soul knew it by heart. So I sang my heart out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWhMyOs0pCQ
  • I had a new funky hairdo – much needed.
  • I did tai-chi in the park on my own, while my baby girl gaped at me in awe and wonder from her buggy. Crickets sang in a long wavy grass and I felt peaceful and centred. 


Oh, and I wrote some words too. My blog posts are still coming out in lines for some bizarre reason. You can check them out here and here, if you’ve missed them this week. As a part of my self-enquiry class, I wrote a 1000-word piece about aspects of myself I have relegated to a ‘shadow bag’, i.e. the parts which are less welcome here. As Yung explained, ‘Everyone carries a shadow and the less it is embodied in … conscious life, the blacker and denser it [becomes].’ So, I had a good rummage around mine. It’s rather liberating to mention the unmentionable…

Better go. It’s another fun week-end with my son’s friends visiting. We already had his nursery friend over today, and tomorrow we are having our family friends.

Thank you for stopping by to share a cuppa. You may also want to visit Diana’s website. She hosts coffee shares every week-end.



9 thoughts on “Week-end Coffee Share – 8 August 2015

    • It’s so true, Barbara, and I am a particularly anxious hostess anyway. Thank you for mentioning the image in the park. It’s interesting, I had three comments and each person picked on a different aspect of my post (park, painting, self-enquiry). It just shows we never know what may resonate… Thank you very much for commenting.


  1. What a week! Sounds like it’s been fulfilling, even if it was busy. Love that coloring you did—really neat! It’s been quite a busy week around here, but I’ll be glad to have my son home (he visited his dad this week) and be a wholly different sort of busy this week. 🙂

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  2. Tai Chi in the park sounds wonderful, as does meeting up with old friends. I firmly believe you can never have too much tea, although I too am struggling with having to eat something with my tea, I’m currently experimenting with healthy snacks, but carrot sticks are distinctly boring.
    Glad to hear your writing is going well and I loved the picture of the wild flowers.

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    • I like you even more for your beliefs around tea 🙂 Excellent! I am resorting to dried fruit instead of cakes (sometimes). Tai-chi in the park was great. I am trying to get into the habit of doing it in the garden, although not very successfully. I close my eyes to centre myself and when my toddler saw me moving with eyes closed the other day, he bellowed ‘Wakey-wakey, mummy!’ Oh well. It might be a week-day thing in the park among those gorgeous wild flowers. Much more peaceful. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

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  3. I am so happy to see that you played with colours. I do guess that it did you tremendous amounts of good. Ah have to get back to that myself.
    Well if you have cake with your drink, you will have those extra calories needed for breastfeeding, and maybe a few more. I still breastfeed and sometimes cannot eat enough (but somehow my body knows in advance when little one will go crazy for breastfeeding and ignores real food) on other days I eat normal amounts.
    Have a wonderful week!


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