Coffee share can change a life: Your Words Matter.

Hello dear reader, come on in, lovely to see you again. If we were having coffee, I’d offer you some refreshments. What would you like to have? I’ve been doing a lot of hosting lately, so I am on a roll. I’d invite you to our sunny conservatory overlooking gorgeous garden. We could have a drink and catch up on our week.

I can’t believe how fast this week whizzed by. Not much to report on the blogging front apart from my guest blog post on fabulous Ula’s website. The post is a part of the Monday Inspiration series, and I wrote about Oriah-Mountain Dreamer’s ‘The Invitation’. Check it out and while you are on Ula’s web-site, read some of her flash fiction and poetry. She is an incredibly talented writer.

My Monday was off to an inspiring start. I ran into Juliet in our local park.IMG_4270

We’ve known each other for two years. Our children went to the same baby class for a while. She was with her younger son chatting to another mum. I pushed my daughter’s pram towards her and we walked home together. After talking about interrupted sleep patterns, holidays, and coping with two children, she shared her news.

‘I am taking the GSCE. I handed my math paper yesterday and soon to take my English exam. I’ve given myself a year to get ready to go back to university to do a master’s degree.’

‘Wow, Juliet, this is fantastic news!’ I was struck at how alive and excited she was. She looked taller. Her eyes sparkled with joy and she radiated happiness.

‘There is finally something I can do for me,’ she said. ‘It changed my relationship with my children too. When I am with them I can be more present to them, because I’ve done my own thing.’

She was literally bursting with enthusiasm. ‘My tutors are very supportive. And suddenly people are calling and asking how I am getting on with my exams.’

‘How wonderful,’ I said. ‘I just love seeing you so full of life, Juliet. And imagine how much your children benefit from this. What a powerful example you are setting for them too. They get the message that if my mum could get on and do this while raising us, we can do it too. Thank you for inspiring me.’

‘No, thank you,’ she said. ‘Do you remember our chat two months ago?’

Of course I remembered. Juliet and I met up to share coffee in early June. Back then we talked about everything: children, routines, my writing, singing in a choir, our families and cultures. It was delightful. I’ve been craving for that sort of interaction for a while. When we were parting, I gave her the address of my website. She texted me the same day to say ‘Wow! Your blog is inspiring and life-changing.’

After reading my posts, she decided that if I could write and blog with two young kids, she could apply herself too. She did her research, identified what made her heart sing, AND took action.

She kindly let me write about our conversation: ‘You’ve inspired me; perhaps this story inspires somebody else too.’

My chat with Juliet set a tone to the rest of my week. I’ve channelled this inspiration into generating material for my second book. I’ve submitted 8,000 words to my writing mentor and I am up to date again. Yay! I wrote the final 1,000-word submission for my self-enquiry class around Eros and intimacy. It was a truly inspiring class with memoirist Mark Matousek and I learnt so much about myself.

Oh, and 1:1 sessions with women are going really well. I’ve offered several processes this week – I feel so enthusiastic witnessing shifts and transformation in others. If you were to tell me that you feel creatively blocked at times or struggling to complete a project, I’d offer it to you too.

Well, thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate it. Do visit Diana’s website too. She kindly hosts these coffee shares. And the next time you are having coffee with a friend, remember your words matter. Choose to inspire!

20 thoughts on “Coffee share can change a life: Your Words Matter.

    • Thank you so much for this reminder. I should probably bookmark this post. It’s so true. Sometimes it’s easy to forget or overlook that our words may resonate. Even inspiring one person is huge. Makes all the blogging worthwhile… Many thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Happy to hear all the excellent news 🙂 I’ve been submitting my poetry to a different literary magazine a week. I’ve heard from a few–a couple acceptances, a few rejections. It’s like waiting for the mail to arrive everyday. So exciting lol

    Take care


  2. Creative blocks are one of the things I struggle with a lot since I started taking medication, I seem to have more blocks now than I do creativity. I think though, when I started taking medication, looking after my daughter was hard enough, so I didn’t do anything for a long while and focused any energy I had on looking after her while I got used to them, and now I am stuck in this awful “block’ rut even though I am used to my medication now and can do more things.
    Anyway, your blog post made me feel like maybe I should seek some help for it. Thanks.
    Awesome blog post! 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I am so happy you found this post inspiring and it made you think about seeking some extra support. When we are ready and ask for it, the right support will show up.
      P.S. I have two young kids, and it’s really-really hard to balance looking after them and doing creative work. I do it, but I need to be careful as sometimes I push myself and it’s not particularly healthy.

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  3. You are an inspiring woman Gulara! I do feel that since I started reading your blog I have been able to listen to the true me that I had ignored or not heard or maybe not understood correctly.


    • Conny, what a great story! I think more people should meet up for (coffee) shares. Even meeting up each week-end in this virtual world is inspiring. I am very glad I came across your blog – love your writing.

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  4. I love stories like this. It just proves that positivity feeds positivity just as negativity can feed negativity. I’m tempted to take you up on your offer, as finding time and if I’m brutally honest energy to write is very hard at the moment. I think I need to exercise more and then physically sit at my desk and write. (this would help considerably!) In fact I’m off to do that now. Thank you for inspiring me. 🙂


    • That’s so sweet of you, Heather, thank you so much for reading and commenting. I love your writing and read (or attempt to) all of them. You are such an inspiration! Super pleased to see you here 🙂

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  5. What an amazing story! It’s so nice when we see that what we do matters to other people. I’m glad you shared this story, and thanks for being part of the coffee share!


    • Oh, that’s so sweet, Diana, thank you! Yes, absolutely, and it came at the right time too. August has been kind of quiet on the blogging front, so talking to Juliette has really inspired me to keep going.
      Thank you for hosting the coffee shares – they are an absolute must in my week. Such a great idea!

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