What Happens When Our Longing is Finally Met?

IMG_4357As you probably know from my yesterday’s blog post, we visited my friend’s house yesterday. Set in a peaceful countryside, this visit brought back a flurry of memories.

It was Christmas Eve in 2007. I was invited to celebrate Christmas with my friend’s family. My first Christmas ever. I didn’t have a car, so they picked me up from the train station. Slightly nervous of being a part of family festivities I knew so little about, I felt immediately at ease when I realised there was a baby there. Angelic with golden locks and blue eyes, she stole my heart immediately. She was on the verge of walking, eager but unstable to do it on her own. So I took her by her hands and we walked several kilometres in the course of a few days I stayed there: up the corridors, down the stairs, room after room… My heart sang and bled simultaneously in those few days.

You see, I had a deep longing. For many years, the deepest longing of my life was to have a happy family and healthy children. Every time I encountered a family with young kids, I was acutely aware how unmet this longing was.

Sitting in that same house eight years on, I realised how blessed I am today. My deepest longing has been met. Of course, I am happier for it. And… life goes on.

Sometimes, we rush from one thing to another forgetting to appreciate what we’ve achieved. I’d like to invite you to consciously celebrate one thing you’ve been longing for AND managed to achieve in your life. Consider ways in which it changed your life and shaped your other desires. Send yourself and everyone who helped you along the way some gratitude and love. And then ask:

What am I longing for now? What’s one step I could take today to get closer to meeting it?

4 thoughts on “What Happens When Our Longing is Finally Met?

    • Thank you, Susan, I feel I’ve just started the enquiry myself. It fills me with so much gratitude to know how many of my longings have been met in life, whilst I was busy making up new ones…


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