Do you believe in Miracles?

IMG_4381I can’t believe it’s time for another coffee share. Where did the week go? Well, in fairness, it’s been a rather productive week. I’ve blogged almost every day. If you’d like to take a quick look, here is a rundown:

On Monday and Tuesday, I reflected on our visit to a dear friend of mine. The visit reminded me of the importance of self-care and brought back some old memories which flooded me with enormous gratitude for my life today.

Stay with Your Own Needs

What Happens When Our Longing is Finally Met?

On Wednesday, I offered a 1:1 session which prompted me to reflect on the value of compassionate listening.

Listening with Compassion Heals

Friday’s blog post came out in lines again.

I have a Drive…

Anyway, sorry for chatting away, dear reader, please come through. How have you been? How’s your life? Pet projects? Pets, if you have any? What can I get you?

I myself drink only fruity and herbal teas these days. It started last week-end after a powerful process I had on the Compassion Key community call. You see, as you probably gathered from I have a Drive, I have… a drive which was somewhat running me into the ground. After processing this useful but somewhat destructive pattern, one of the biggest issues in my life fell away: I stopped eating sugar and consuming caffeine in any form. It came as a shock. I couldn’t believe I could sustain it. As if to test my willpower, I’ve been to the community cafe several times. I entered, looked at cakes I used to drool over, and… walked out! On the positive side, I am thoroughly enjoying making up fruity teas: a slice of lemon, three raspberries and a chopped up strawberry make up a very refreshing beverage. Well, apparently, miracles do happen! Don’t know how long this might last, but my body loves this unintended side-effect of giving myself oodles of compassion. Oh, and the pattern? All I can say is I’m much better at resting than ever before.

And to take this self-care a step further, we are packing up to go to Devon on Monday. So this is the last blog post from me for a while. I’ll be back in September with some photos and tales of our holiday adventures. Given how much I benefited from taking a break from technology back in May, I’ll be completely off-line for a week or so.

Enjoy the rest of August and thank you for stopping by. If you’d like to read more week-end coffee shares, visit Diana’s blog.

18 thoughts on “Do you believe in Miracles?

    • Thank you, Diana, yes, hopefully my next coffee share will be full of fun anecdotes from Devon.
      Until that session I though I can Never give up sugar. The only time when I stopped eating sugar was in the first trimester of all my pregnancies. Each time, I had an identity crisis – me, the girl with a sweet tooth and no sugar?! Sadly, my sugar craving always returned. So, we’ll see how this one goes. Have a lovely week!

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  1. Have a wonderful time in Devon! I gave up sugar sometime ago and that was great. The caffeine though, I’m not so sure about 🙂 …I stay away from wheat, gluten, sugar and anything with sulphates (no wine 😦 ), so I reckon I should be ok with the caffeine ;-).
    I know how powerful processes can be when working on old no longer useful patterns, whenever I’ve done them the effects have been long lasting.

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  2. I hope you have a lovely holiday, and that the weather stops being quite so wet. I’ve been learning about the self care thing this summer. Very important.
    I’m impressed by the lack of sugar and caffeine, but worry this means you’ll miss out on cream teas while on holiday!

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    • Thank you! Yes, the weather is… let’s say predictably English 🙂 We are glamping for the first few days so could really do with a dry spell. Oh well.
      As to sugar and caffeine, I am impressed and still in utter disbelief myself. Who knows, it might pass. Cream teas were my favourites for a long time, but my son has diary intolerance so they are not very practical anyway. Well, enjoy the rest of August. Hope you meet your target.

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      • I had to cycle home in torrential rain last night, but hopefully there is something resembling summer on the way! (I’m in Cornwall) It is possible to get dairy free cream teas, there used to be a cafe near me that did them. Sadly it closed last autumn. There might be somewhere near where you’re staying though.

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      • Oh, how lovely. Cornwall… I’ll make it there one day too. We are in Birmingham :)At last I meet someone from England in the blogging world! It’s strange to read about spring or winter in other blogs.
        Yes, the rain was something yesterday. Apparently, there are flood warnings in Devon tomorrow. Oh well, elements, here we come!

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    • Thank you so much! And I highly recommend technology break. We went away back in May and I imagined I’d struggle without technology, but actually I really loved not checking my phone every couple of minutes. And when I returned, my productivity sky-rocketed. Many thanks for commenting. Really enjoyed your blog this morning.


  3. I have been enjoying my temptations with 75% to 95% dark chocolate, chocolate from different countries, also containing sea-salt…yummy, yummy. This, however, is one side of the coin.
    The cities in England excite me, as I read them here. I’ve been listening to BBC since 1944 when I was 13, and continue to hear BBC on public radio stations locally in Michigan, USA. The BBC world service broadcasts are an oasis in these days of turmoil. Enjoyed a few days in London, a few years back, came in from Marseilles, France. I am pleasantly imagining a lovely holiday that you, Gulara, and your family will be savouring!

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