Summer Holiday

We are back from our holiday in Devon.

Our first port of call was the fabulous Embercombe. Earlier this year, you might have read my posts about this magical place and the family camp we’ve been attending there for the last three years. (Here is the re-cap if you are curious: We Are Going on an Adventure; The Importance of Self Care; Healthy Boundaries; Changing Old Patterns; The Blessing of Being Held; Allow Answers to Find You; Drop Deeper; In Search of the Middle Way).

We love this place so much that we went there for the second time this year.

Here are some of the reasons why:




IMG_4602 IMG_4604IMG_4606


IMG_4549 IMG_4721 IMG_4633









It was as fabulous as I remembered it; and truly challenging. You see, the family camp was designed specifically for families. We went there when my son was six months old and the land and the camp held us tenderly. This year, we signed up to the course before my daughter was born. She was three months old when we went there, and the land and the camp held us as we had anticipated. Well, the Emberfeast with its jam and pickle making activities was great, except we managed to attend only one session in five days. Perhaps it was the most important one (making cupcakes!), but there was a lingering sense of disappointment that we’d missed so much. Heavy showers, trekking between two sites on muddy paths, low temperatures (8C at nights), and, most importantly, no childcare support; we did struggle. It showed once more how well the family camp is organised and run, because we did not expect to feel so challenged. I realised that somehow we projected all the support onto the place. We imagined the land would hold us. But actually, it’s the people who did. We’ll certainly be back for the family camp next year, but no more Emberfeasts until the kids are older.

And then there was my beloved Atlantic ocean. Big waves, big beaches, big sky.

IMG_4737 IMG_4746 IMG_4816

I cried so hard saying goodbye that I worried someone might try to save me. It was heart-breaking to bid farewell to this dear friend.

Back home integrating. More soon.

5 thoughts on “Summer Holiday

  1. Ah, such memories Gulara … they’ll never leave you and you have the beautiful photographs and words to go with them …
    Devon IS magical …. we swapped our timeshare here in SA for somewhere in Devon for a week some years back (in fact to be in London for the one time our son was going to be performing with his school jazz band) .. and I know a dear man, Julian David a Jungian analyst who lives in Devon who we visited also. And Cornwall is just a hope and skip away if I remember correctly.

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    • Yes, Devon is fab and lovely memories too, Susan. My sister-in-law used to have a second home in North Devon where we used to spend a lot of time. That house is now sold, so re-visiting the places we love was bitter sweet. Still lovely though. Thank you for commenting – I am glad this post brought up lovely memories for you too.


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