Let’s Catch Up

IMG_5532If we were having coffee today, I’d invite you to a local cafe. I’ve been stuck in the house for way too long. First, my dental surgery last Monday made me look like a victim of domestic violence, and then my son got ill and was off nursery for a whole week. Now, it may not seem a long time but when you watch CBeebies non-stop for several days in a row, a week may feel like an eternity. Thankfully, my son is much better today. My face is getting back to normal too. I’d much rather go for a walk, but the weather is very autumnal today. It’s raining and yellow leaves are flying by my windows: perfect day to share a cuppa.

So, tell me, how have you been? I’ve missed you dear reader. Holding a poorly boy on my lap and tending to a teething baby haven’t left me any space to write this week, so I had few opportunities to engage with you.

Except, I had to do a celebratory post yesterday. It was the first anniversary of my blogging. Here is a brief reflection on my blogging journey. To celebrate, I’m launching a new series The Story Behind The Story next week. Keep your eye on my blog and please cheer the women who will share the big why behind their writing journey or project. If you have an inspiring and heartful story to tell, please drop me a line at gularav@gmail.com.

That’s all from me today. I know this is a bit brief (just grabbing a moment while the baby is asleep and my son is banging something downstairs under his dad’s supervision). If you’d like to read more inspiring posts, you could visit Diana’s website. She hosts week-end coffee shares every week.

P.S. I’m probably going to drop out of coffee shares for a while. I’ll keep blogging though so you can always come by and say hello at http://gularavincent.com.


15 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up

  1. Being out of sorts when you have really little kids to care for is the worst! I broke my foot when my kids were 1 and 4 years-old. It was a nightmare trying to chase them around on crutches. Hope you and your older child feel better soon. Sadly the teething takes a long while. Since I didn’t want to medicate my kids, I gave them the Munchkin brand net bags with chunks of frozen fruit in them. It really seemed to help them. You might want to try it. Good luck. : )

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    • Thanks for the tip with teething. I don’t use medication unless we absolutely have to and teething is not on that list. I’ll try it if she gets too uncomfortable.
      Yes, I agree, feeling out of sorts with young kids is not on. So much look forward to getting back to normal…
      Many thanks for stopping by.


  2. Aw the teething… Good luck with that, here we aren’t done yet, but luckily my daughter has so far coped with it rather well, except she has a weaker immune system when she is teething.
    I envy you for having the time to write a coffee post, i am being all impolite and make time to stop by here and there today. My fiancé and daughter are asleep and my mother in law is relaxing in the living room. But I have to get back to living and writing a bit as I have been rather ill for the past week.
    Have a good weekend, and I hope that you will all be well in no time.

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    • Well, I’m going to stop coffee shares. As much as I love its casual tone and socialising with others, I end up checking my blog for comments and visits all w/e, and get no break in the week at all. It’s getting tougher with childcare at the moment, as both kids are indoors most of the week-end and my baby girl is crawling (!). She is on a move and there is no stopping her.
      I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy the rest of the week-end!

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  3. I hope you and your son heal quickly. I don’t know the CBeebies and I think I am thankful I don’t. I remembered being tortured by the Wiggles when I was watching my little cousins regularly though. Avoid the Wiggles at all costs! I always tried to put Baby Einstein on. It was a little more soothing, allowing me to keep my sanity.

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    • Thank you, Diana. A year of blogging feels like a nice milestone.
      Many thanks for all the tweets and holding the space for coffee-shares. I’ll be popping around to say hi from time to time, but may not post on week-ends for a while, as they are getting intense with a crawling baby who is great at reaching to things she shouldn’t have and my son who wants all my attention when he is off nursery. Have a great week!

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  4. All you had to say was CBeebies and I cringed. I feel for you. Kids, we love them, but sometimes they can drive us crazy. Of course, it is of no fault of their own. Hope everything is better or will be soon.
    Thanks for the coffee, Gulara. Have a wonderful week.

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    • I actually learnt to love CBeebies 🙂 It took some time, I must admit, but it has grown on me. We even miss it when we are away. But… I can take it only in small doses. Thankfully, he is well enough to go to nursery today, and I can catch up on the rest of my life! Have a wonderful week too, Ula.

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  5. oh, sweetie – teething, the poor thing! Glad your face is feeling better. Speaking of looking like a victim of domestic violence, I scared my doctor when I was pregnant, because I had fallen, but the bruise looked like my husband had hit me – which he would never. The poor man got so many dirty looks because of that!
    Have a wonderful week!

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    • Oh, falling during pregnancy sounds scary in its own right, never mind getting a bruise on top of that. Yes, I’m afraid my husband got looks too 🙂 It’s getting better though, so I’m looking forward to a looooong walk today. Have a great week, Claudia, thank you for stopping by.


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