What My Kid Says these Days

IMG_5031My son’s vocabulary has been blossoming lately. The other day my husband walked into the room and said in astonishment:

‘Caspian was watching Clangers and just asked whether it was the planet Earth!’ He is two years and eight months old. I’m pretty confident that I haven’t had a clue what the planet Earth was at his age.

While some of his words impress us, others crack us up.

He got into habit of playing with one of us on the floor. We each hold two soft toys which then converse with each other. Sometimes one pair of toys ends up banging the other pair, but that’s another story.

‘Sit down, daddy,’ Caspian shouts impatiently when there is a moment’s delay.

‘What’s the magic word?’

‘Please!’ he shouts even louder.

‘Say nicely.’

‘Nicely!’ he bellows.

The other day he was poorly and I took him to a healer. We travelled by public transport while his daddy was taking care of his sister. We caught a train and that was a big adventure as it was his first proper train ride.

‘What’s now, mummy?’ He asked when we got off the train.

‘Now, we are going to catch another train, sweetheart.’

We caught the second train. The excitement started wearing off. Luckily, it was a short ride.

‘What’s now, mummy? Helicopter?’

‘No, just taxi for now.’

I did chuckle though, I must admit. The kid dreams big. Maybe one day…

Then while he was having his treatment with the healer, we ended up on the floor.

‘Caspian are you swimming? Are you a fish?’ she asked.

‘No, I’m a whale.’

I hope these little snippets of conversations put a smile on your face. Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “What My Kid Says these Days

  1. Yes, record it all, or you’ll forget! And make sure you record your daughter’s sayings, too, or you’ll end up like me, with about 100 pages of Child #1, 20 pages for Child #2, 3 pages for Child #3, and Child #4 didn’t even get his own book—he has about three lines in his brother’s!

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    • I’m really conscious of younger kids’ fate (my sister-in-law has been on about it for months before my daughter arrived), so making a real conscious effort to video and photo my baby girl as much as I can. 🙂 I’ll keep it in mind in relation to her sayings too 🙂
      He is sweet and makes me laugh a lot. So lovely to play with him. As he grows, my younger self is getting really excited. Finally, a playmate! 😀


    • Yes, it gets better every day. Today he said: ‘Mummy, I cannot fly.’ The forlorn look on his face was so adorable 🙂 I’m trying to capture as many moments as I can and make them into photo books and movies for them to enjoy when they are older. Thank you for reading, Susan. Hope you are enjoying this lovely weekend (it’s actually warm and sunny here).

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  2. Gulara, it is SO wonderful hearing the saying of little people. My youngest granddaughter will be two the 21st of this month. It is delightful hearing her talk. She isn’t as talkative as your son is, but she is working on it. I SO wish that I had recorded the things my children said when they were little. Kids say such fun things. You will have a book by the time you are finished recording. Thanks for the smile this morning.

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    • Gwynn, you just wait for a 8 months and see what difference it makes to your granddaughter’s talking. It’s incredible how their vocabulary and comprehension blossoms in one big spurt. And a very happy 2nd birthday to your granddaughter (in advance 🙂 ) I think you’ve got a second chance to record these funny sayings – just wait until your granddaughter is a bit older 🙂

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      • You may have seen in one of my posts various pictures as I ask “what do you see.” There is a puddle on my walk that is shaped like a heart. I photographed it and emailed it to my eldest granddaughter (8). I said “Nature is sending her love.” Her younger sister (5) said “OH Grandma it is JUST a mud puddle!” 😉 Kids ARE fun!! 😉

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