Meet Baku Boulevard – an oasis of love

Welcome to Day 2 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge run by The theme I’m exploring in these 30 days is Azerbaijan, the setting of my memoir(s). I’ll show you places and share memories that shape my books.

My favourite place in Baku is boulevard. This promenade established in 1909 runs parallel to Baku’s seafront. In summers, it offers much needed shade. As Baku is situated in semi-desert, it doesn’t have many parks and green spaces. The boulevard is an exception. In the 1880s, the governor of Baku passed a decree that required all ships entering the harbour to bring fertile soil. Within a few years, the seafront has transformed into a green oasis.

To me, boulevard is also an oasis of love. It’s the place where young people meet up to get to know each other. You would hardly see any public manifestation of emotions in other parts of the city. Boulevard offers a sense of privacy that busy streets of the city lack. Apart from occasional joggers and shoppers, it’s fairly quiet in the daytime. Summer evenings are usually family time there. The place gets busy with people relaxing and enjoying breeze from the Caspian Sea that Baku is famous for.


More about boulevard tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Meet Baku Boulevard – an oasis of love

    • I live in England, Gwynn, but this is in Azerbaijan. Thank you for your kind words and your note – I should add the country to the post 🙂 I’ll be writing about Azerbaijan for the next 27 days to set the context of my memoir. I adopted it as a theme for this 30 day challenge to keep me going with my books.

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