Baku Boulevard in Azerbaijan – Baffling Contradictions

Welcome to Day 3 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge run by The theme I’m exploring in these 30 days is Azerbaijan, the setting of my memoir(s). I’ll show you places and share memories that shape my books.

Yesterday, I wrote about the history and vibe of Baku boulevard in Azerbaijan. Today, I want to talk about contradictions I saw there on my last visit in October.

On one of our walks, my son went wondering around a maze made from hedges.


Suddenly, we saw a tall policeman running towards us. Breathless and with bulging eyes, he gesticulated that the child must come out of the maze at once. He could tell we were not locals (my husband’s crocs must have given us away). I understand that growing something like these green hedges in semi-desert is hard work. Each plant has to be watered regularly, and apart from conifers not many trees and plants survive easily.

But then I saw trees decorated with youngsters’ initials. Perhaps, they are better off spending resources on imbuing in young people the importance of treasuring nature, than funding police officers to chase toddlers away.


I also don’t understand why the government should pay a lot of money to transplant several 160-year old olive trees from Spain. Sure, it looks nice, especially with their shiny plaques explaining the origins of the trees.




I’m confident that the combined annual salary of these workers harvesting olives from the local olive trees is a whole lot less than the cost of one Spanish olive tree.

Priorities… Go figure.

It baffles me when appearance seems to be more important than people.

7 thoughts on “Baku Boulevard in Azerbaijan – Baffling Contradictions

  1. I hope the policeman hasn’t put your small son off running around in mazes … Could you write to the town mayor saying how this saddened you – or say it saddened your friend from South Africa when reading it? Ask the mayor to get his act together … 🙂


    • He didn’t put off my son, but he certainly put us off going anywhere near the maze. One doesn’t want to mess with the law enforcement in Azerbaijan, even if you are innocent and even if your transgression is something as innocent as toddler trespassing… a maze. And as to the mayor… I suppose it’d be the first! It hasn’t even crossed my mind, I’m afraid. I guess living there made me doubtful that any complaint of the sort would come to anything but a waste of time (and if one is unlucky enough, one could end up in trouble herself!) Something to think about.

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  2. City and government politics shock me especially when it comes to a two year old who is simply having fun running around without damaging anything. I was wondering if some dangerous reptile lurked in amongst the shrubs. It saddens me to hear about such strict and ridiculous mindsets. WELCOME HOME!

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