Let me Show You Azerbaijan

For the last few days, I’ve been writing about Azerbaijan, the setting of my memoir.

Today, let me show it to you.

This rather spectacular intro to the country shows only good bits, of course. There is no mention of poverty, corruption, homophobia, inequality,  and other less attractive aspects of it. A bit one-dimensional presentation, but at least it gives you a flavour of its riches.

Is a picture (or video) worth a thousand words?

7 thoughts on “Let me Show You Azerbaijan

  1. WOW!! What an incredible video. Azerbaijan looks nothing like I imagined. I assumed it was a very sad third world country. It appears quite modern. There are beautiful aspects to the country… I suppose that is true of every country… both good and bad. Very interesting. Thank you!

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    • It’s very diverse. Vast reserves of oil and gas are mixed blessing. Some people are very rich (I don’t go to shops there – they are too expensive for me! London is cheaper), but the majority is very poor. It’s a tiny place with nine out of 11 climate zones. And as it’s nature, people’s lives and places vary a lot. If I was a visitor, I’d be utterly fascinated by that place. Sadly, my ‘life baggage’ taints the enjoyment. 🙂

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      • Yes, nature’s products are a mixed blessing… here too. Prices are rising very quickly. Those of us who are retired and don’t have a lot of savings struggle on Social Security. Plus, the technology companies are importing workers as they can pay them less than American workers. I don’t like seeing the changes in this country too. Plus, our options for president this time are down-right scary. I so worry about what will happen to our world.

        Twenty-six years ago I visited Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, and Wales. It was a very delightful experience seeing the different cultures and lands. I have friends who live up in Clitheroe. It was an incredible experience learning to drive on the left side of the road with a left-hand stick shift. See the history and exploring was a joy to me.

        Seeing Azerbaijan I’m sure would be an eye-opening experience. Thank you!.

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      • I love travelling, because the experience wakes me up. Anywhere which takes me away from numbing routing opens up my senses, I pay attention to details – in short, I’m more present. My relationship with time changes too, it’s as if a week is one month long… I wish I could bring that quality to my day-to-day life.

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