What My Kid Says These Days – Part 2

IMG_2799‘Daddy, get me Try Sarah Tops!’

‘What’s that? I don’t understand?’ My husband said.

‘Try Sarah Tops!’ My son yelled.

After many tears and much shouting, it transpired that he wanted a triceratops, a vicious dinosaur toy he picked up during our holiday last December (pictured). He must have learnt the proper name at nursery.


‘Mummy has a lot of hair, but daddy has a bold hatch,’ my son declared knowledgably the other day.

My husband’s attempts to explain the difference between hatch and patch were so far unsuccessful. On the other hand, this is a distinct improvement from ‘daddy has a hole on his head.’


‘Mummy, I want to play at you,’ he says at least several times a day.

‘With you,’ I correct him.

‘No, no, at you, mummy!’

Hmmm, sometimes that statement is correct, what can I say…


P.S.  You can read Part 1 here.


8 thoughts on “What My Kid Says These Days – Part 2

  1. I am so chuckling. Kids are so delightful and frustrating at the same time… but they are fun. My son always loved music, as I do. The radio played whenever I took the kids some place. At the time the singer, Kim Carnes was popular. My son, at two, called her King Kong! You are lucky to have various ways of keeping these memories alive. I didn’t know about journaling and computers weren’t around when my children were small… you are lucky. Enjoy… I’m laughing with you!

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    • Thank you, Gwynn, what a sweet memory of your son! Thank you for sharing.
      You are right, there are so many ways to keep these memories alive. I feel passionate to pass this legacy on to them when they are a bit older. As always, thank you for reading and laughing with me too.

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  2. Brilliant love the thought of you trying to work out who this Sara was in his life! The one I remember is my daughter aged maybe 6 coming home from school. Her best friend she announced sadly was black toast intolerant and couldn’t drink milk

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