How To Stay On Track To Complete Your Manuscript

I am delighted that my guest post ‘How To Stay On Track To Complete Your Manuscript’ was published in Memoirabilia’s blog. Here is the link. I hope you find my tips useful.

2 thoughts on “How To Stay On Track To Complete Your Manuscript

  1. I had never really contemplated writing a book except about my brother. However, his journals did not provide enough information for me so I gave up that idea other than the one short story I wrote about him… in my family section of my blog, the story name is “Acceptance.” I would love to see if I can find someone to publish that story. Otherwise, my blog has been my ‘manuscript’ and lately I seem to have run out of ideas to write about.

    I DO like your suggestions. I have Julia Cameron’s book, I should pull it out of the bookcase and read it again. I need a boost! 😉 Thank you for your wonderful suggestions for keeping my writing going too!

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    • I hope your recent blog post on my site showed how much good you can do by telling your story. Keep writing, Gwynn, I’m sure there is so much wisdom you can share with all of us: like your volunteering work to support those children; what you learnt from that work; how you touched those children’s lives; – I could keep going. Just in your comments to that post there is so many stories crying out to be told… Keep writing!

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