The Ease of Building a Business from the Inside Out

I’m signing off the Internet for 10 days to have family time starting on Thursday 17 December. But before then, I am taking stock of 2015 and celebrating one of the biggest achievements of this year: birthing my business.

The journey began in January 2015. I was over eight months pregnant. I left for maternity leave from my academic job with a huge relief. It was time to put my feet up and wait for my baby girl’s arrival, right?

Well, not in my case. Instead, I enrolled in a high intensity immersion programme with the amazing Samantha Nolan-Smith. A dozen of us across the world came together to mastermind and build a business from the inside out.

The immersion programme was just that: a complete immersion into building a business. Every week, there was a community call. We had a healing workshop on week 1, a business strategy session in week 2, implementation time in week 3, and masterminding in small groups in week 4. At the time, I didn’t even have a business. All I had was a vague idea that one day I’d leave my academic job. Except for a burning passion to learn and grow, I had no idea where this path was leading me.

I simply put one foot in front of the other.

It wasn’t easy to start with. My baby was in the breach position (as in not facing the right way down to come out relatively easily) and I had to fight the medical profession not to write off my chances of giving birth naturally. It was perhaps the first time in my life I was willing to stand up for myself so clearly. I did everything under the sun to encourage my baby to turn – and she did.

What was going on in my personal life was very much the reflection of my participation in the immersion programme. It was time for me to define what exactly I wanted from life, not just to let the river of life take me to places, however nice or pleasant they might have been from time to time. My birth experience had also encouraged me to speak up. It’s interesting that my writing voice has changed since then. It was as if I was forced out of my hiding place at long last. I didn’t want to carry the burden of unsaid words anymore. Having conveyed the things which I was unhappy about in my care, I left the hospital empowered to the degree that three weeks later I was back to share my birth stories with the board of the maternity hospital, in the hope that it would help to improve the standard of care for other women.

Despite a beautiful labour in a warm pool in my dining room, my baby girl arrived via an emergency C-section. I caught up with my mastermind tasks with relative ease. Within four weeks post surgery, I was editing my manuscript. In April, I joined a blogging challenge that helped me to build my blogging muscle and explore the theme of ‘authenticity’. Attending webinars with my mastermind group, I worked tirelessly on identifying who I wanted to serve through my writing, what was my big Why and what I needed to do to achieve it.

Then in mid-April, I had a conversation about my desire to teach and run writing workshops. I wanted to integrate self-development/spiritual tools with writing practice. By then, I had ample evidence in my own life that clearing the inner blocks can make writing effortless and joyful.

‘Why don’t you start by offering 1:1 work? Build it from there,’ the director of the writer development programme that supported me for a year suggested.

I came to my mastermind group in panic.

‘I’ve got nothing to offer,’ I concluded after a long monologue.

My group brainstormed with me and within a month I offered my first 1:1. Several sessions followed shortly after. People I’ve been working with were having breakthroughs and meaningful shifts. I started training to enhance my skills and toolbox.

Within a few months, my offering took a clear shape. Here it is.

My whole life has been a journey of reclaiming my authenticity and voice, and it came together in this offering. It has helped me to grow in ways I didn’t imagine were possible. It taught me to get comfortable with

  • Shining my light in the world
  • Giving and receiving without getting in my own way
  • Embracing my inner healer.

My unquenchable desire to write a book has finally made sense: I wanted to facilitate healing through sharing my personal experiences, to give voice to those who may never be heard otherwise, and to inspire transformation.

With this clarity and Samantha’s step-by-step guidance, building my business was in some ways plain sailing.

For example, in May, our assignment was to submit three guest blog posts. The aim was to reach people who’d be interested in our work. Starting on the same day, I got e-mails popping into my mailbox with the simple message: ‘Guest bloggers needed.’

A month later, we were asked to prepare a gift for our mastermind: something relevant to our business that came from heart. I set a small photo camera in my dining room and shot a short video explaining why I feel so passionate about the message of my book. The next day, I accidentally ran into the crew of a BBC radio station who were actively seeking out people who wanted to be interviewed on the same day. With the video shoot in my dining room the day before, speaking about my book on radio felt easy.

I’d never imagined before using the word ‘easy’ in relation to building a business. But ease and flow are two constants of this year. I took action, there was an internal response (usually fear or resistance, and often both), I did the inner work and cleared the blocks, took the next step with ease and confidence; then the deeper fear and resistance surfaced; I did more clearing, stepped forward and repeated the cycle. Except each time, the sense of ease, trust and confidence has deepened, and I cleared layer after layer of outdated fears and limiting beliefs.

I wish I could mastermind every year. The focus, support, clearing of inner block as they arise, and, more importantly, the momentum that propelled me towards my dreams, were priceless.



20 thoughts on “The Ease of Building a Business from the Inside Out

  1. It is odd that our respective experience this year is following the same lines. I always wanted to write but always thought I was not worth doing it. Friends helped me decide to write a little on my FB page, where I have but a very limited number of chosen friends, then to start a blog, and then to start writing short stories. I have not achieved your success and your level but I have discovered through my friends that I have a voice, which is mine. And that my first project of writing about books only was not the good one. Last, but not least, attending a workshop, I met you and other bloggers, and Solveig, and now I feel more at ease and s surprised to have been invited to a collective event!
    This has been a great and revealing year for me – as it has been for you on a higher level. And you have been part of this revealing year. Thank you so much. 🙂

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    • It’s an absolute pleasure, Camille! I’m so glad our paths run in parallel this year. I believe re-discovering and owning our authentic voice counts as the biggest achievement, no matter what the external manifestation is. Because once we know how that voice feels, there is no going back. Congratulations! As you probably know from experience, it takes courage to do so. Here is to a great year ahead! I’m blessed to share this journey with you 🙂

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  2. What an amazing year you have had Gulara. It is about time life started to flow in your direction and take you where you wish and deserve to go. Although I read your post about the video you made some time ago, I mustn’t have watched the video. I have now. The story and message you share is so important. Your book will inspire many young women to find their voices, and hopefully inspire others to allow them, no create for them, the freedom for them to do so.
    I wish you and your family a wonderful time together during the Christmas season and your well-deserved break. May 2016 bring your projects to fruition. Thank you for honouring us by sharing your story.

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    • I feel touched to tears, Norah. Thank you for this validation. I feel seen and heard by you. Happy Christmas to you and all your loved ones too. Happy Christmas! With deep gratitude and love. Thank you for reading and all your support in 2015. Many blessings.xx

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  3. Gulara, I’m applauding. You knew what you wanted and you went after it. I never aspired to be a writer but I had given up my other forms of creativity so I needed to explore this area of creativity. Initially, I wanted to write a book about my brother, but his journals did not provide enough information for me. So only one short story immersed… in my Family Section… “Acceptance.”

    I do struggle with who I am. I am learning I have a voice. I would love to help kids or people who had my experiences in growing up, thus I have volunteered for organizations helping kids for years. Here in the states we had Erma Bombeck’s writing. I have always admired her wisdom and humor… she is MY aspiration. Thank you for being such a lovely guiding light!

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    • Oh, Gwynn, it’s such an honour to read your words. I feel nourished and supported by your on-going support. This year would not have been as fruitful without wonderful readers and writers I’ve discovered along the way. Deep heartfelt gratitude for your loving company on this journey.
      As to your dreams, it’s never too late. Every time you speak up, you serve people and kids with your experiences. Look at the feedback you got from posting on my blog… When we are open to contribute, the opportunities come and find us. We just need to take action: put one foot in front of the other. That’s my takeaway from this year. Many blessings to you and all your loved ones. I feel blessed to have found you in 2015.

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      • And – you can do it again! We’ll chat about it soon. Speaking up is like a muscle we need to practice. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you, your adorable grandchildren, and the rest of your family.

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  4. How wonderful to read this Gulara … I can’t wait to check the link you provided. I’ve always so enjoyed your blog posts and it’s been so great to see you going from strength to strength and being the glowing candle and allowing the inner healer its place. I’m still trying to get out of my own way; you are an inspiration to me and for that I thank you.

    Have a joyful break … and a very happy Christmas with your loved ones.

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    • Thank you, Susan, your words mean the world to me. It’s an honour, honestly – your wisdom, experience, courage and skill are my own inspiration! I’m so grateful to have found people who support and inspire each other every day. In that respect, blogging has changed my life. Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones. Many blessings!


  5. Dear Gulara, this is a great post! I read it yesterday, but on my phone. I could not have imagined doing such things just after the birth of my daughter. She is approaching two now, but I think that 2016 will be a year of growth for me.
    You have been one of the people that have helped me a lot during the year 2015, which was not easy at all times, but some things cannot be mentioned on public blogs…
    I rediscovered my writing, and I have been trying to grow as a blogger. When I did the guest post on your blog, my second ever guest post, I felt my writing voice being liberated. It did me so much good, and some demons of the past have shrunk to light shadows. I have positively changed since I shed some light on my path… I cannot thank you enough.
    You must be the blogger who has inspired me the most over the past months.
    I do hope that in the year 2016 we will both continue to grow personally and professionally in parallel to the growth of our children.
    I might not have read every post on your blog, but I have been reading ever since that very touching guest post you did for Ula this spring.
    Enjoy the time without internet! Make it a true break. Have a nice Christmas!
    Oh and before I leave, I saw the lovely comment of Camille, whose blog I discovered by chance in November. And I think that she is like us on a path of self discovery and personal growth, but then aren’t we all meant to be on such a positive path?
    Many hugs, Solveig

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    • Awe, Solveig, you are so sweet! You’ve been inspiring me a lot this year (as you know well on more than one occasion), and supporting my own growth. I’m truly grateful for your kind words, and I’m so glad you feel your voice is freer – how fabulous! I love your voice – it radiates the warmth of your heart, your caring nature and courage. I’m truly blessed we’ve met (online so far) 🙂 Many blessings! Happy-happy Christmas to you, all your loved ones and your readers! Big hugs, G xx


  6. Inspiring post by an inspiring person! Good on you, because you decided your goals and worked towards them. You sound so empowered and confident, and I’m sure things will just get better and better for you in 2016. Because you are authentic!

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    • Thank you, Louise, I feel so touched you see me that way. Authenticity is a muscle I’ve been building throughout 2015. No more hiding out. It’s great to feel seen and heard. Thank you for reading and your supportive comment, Louise.

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  7. 2015 sounds like an absolutely incredible year, and it was inspiring to read about what you’ve overcome and achieved this year. What a wonderful example you are.

    “Ease” and “flow” are two words I’m going to concentrate on. I needed to be reminded. 🙂

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    • It was a pretty wonderful year, though challenging in many ways too. I feel I’ve grown up 🙂 Finally!
      ‘Ease’ and ‘flow’ are the best – I love riding the way. I know the Universe got my back when that happens. Many blessings!

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