My Guest Post on New Year Resolutions

I’ve written this post in early January when I took days to reflect on what do I want from 2016. It’s a great reminder and I’m glad it got published now.

So far so good 😀

2 thoughts on “My Guest Post on New Year Resolutions

  1. I actually commented on the other blog, but I’ll add my comment here too. Gulara, Congratulations on your 2016 Resolutions… did you know that you FIRST have to feed yourself Oxygen BEFORE you can help anyone else? Your health and well-being are most important before you can help your family or your clients. Working yourself to death only works if you are single and have no family. 😉 Take care, and congratulations on adding value to your own life!

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    • Thank you so much for your wise comment, Gwynn, I totally agree, and hence one of my resolutions this year is self-care which includes a ban on working over w/e 🙂 hence the late reply to your comment here. Many thanks for all your support. I really appreciate your presence in my life.

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