61 Reasons Why I love you

IMG_4189It’s my husband’s birthday today. Although I’ve gifted him his ‘annual’ gift, a photo book with our family photos from 2015, I’d like to do something extra special for him today by sharing 61 reasons why I love him. Here we go:

  1. That twinkle in your eye when you are present and gaze with me still takes my breath away.
  2. You levitate when you dance.
  3. You knew we were meant to be and never wavered since.
  4. We are a team Vincent (also known as twenty hundred).
  5. Three of your ex-partners were at our wedding. It’s a big plus for me given that I’ve left Azerbaijan to avoid mine.
  6. You make me an infinite number of cuppas a day every day.
  7. You let me eat 2/3 of a cake when we share.
  8. We can talk about anything.
  9. I’m fully me with you like with no one else in the whole world.
  10. Your passion for justice is inspiring.
  11. You can care about people on the other side of the planet experiencing hardship.
  12. You cry to a song that touches your heart.
  13. You are brave enough to be vulnerable with me.
  14. You are the financial officer in the house.
  15. You do the washing up better than anyone on this planet.
  16. I don’t even know how to operate washer and the dryer.
  17. I appreciate all those little things you do that may go unnoticed otherwise: the toilet is always stocked with toilet paper; there’s washing up liquid; and the rubbish is out every week.
  18. You shop till you drop. Sometimes, there’s something to eat as a result.
  19. You buy me treats.
  20. You are a wizard of finding and taking us to amazing holidays.
  21. You sing to our children and you’ve taught me to make up my own songs.
  22. You’ve been encouraging me to enjoy life more and work less (it’s work in progress).
  23. You’ve infected me with your sense of humour.
  24. You teach me little quirks of English.
  25. You edit my writing.
  26. When I ask for something, you often drop everything else to attend to my wants.
  27. You’ve read every single post I’ve published, sometimes twice.
  28. You’ve read my manuscript.
  29. You edited my PhD thesis.
  30. I feel whole with you.
  31. You love my light and my shadow.
  32. You are amazing with my family and you must be the only son-in-law who is loved and respected (not speaking Azerbaijani probably helps a lot).
  33. You held my hand through every single antenatal appointment.
  34. You gifted me with two amazing children.
  35. You are an awesome dad and can do tricks on the playground that I prefer not to see.
  36. You are infinitely patient with our son.
  37. You dedicated your life to our family.
  38. You went into a birthing pool with me when I was in labour with our daughter, and even though you can be squeamish, you supported me through it all (somebody should issue an official warning about what goes on in that pool).
  39. You fought for the home-birth like our lives depended on it.
  40. You give me courage when I falter.
  41. You encouraged me to say the truth to my head of school when I forgot that I had a meeting at work. It felt incredibly empowering.
  42. You can’t lie.
  43. Our shared love for nature, the way you thank me when I draw your attention to a bud, to a flower, to a bird always warms my heart.
  44. Shared memories. It’s enough to say Braunton to melt my heart.
  45. You support my growth. You’ve got strength and courage to let me blossom.
  46. We have shared passion to raise our children consciously.
  47. I hate it when we disconnect, and I’m grateful that you often make that first step to initiate connection even when you are still hurting.
  48. No one can perform and pontificate like you do.
  49. You’ve got an invented vocabulary of words which are firmly embedded in my head.
  50. I love that you are willing to follow me wherever.
  51. You held my clothes and cheered while I dived into the ocean. In the dark.
  52. You encouraged me to swim in a pool made by a waterfall. Naked. There’s something so liberating about taking a kit off and diving in.
  53. You’ve been driving us everywhere every day for the last… well, ever.
  54. You put up with me being grumpy sometimes.
  55. You encourage my growth in every direction: as a mum, writer, blogger, coach…
  56. You know four words in Azerbaijani and two in Russian, but then again, you communicate for us all in Spanish when we go abroad.
  57. You are willing to protect me even when you are scared.
  58. You can be suave and sophisticated.
  59. You are young at heart.
  60. I love the tenderness of your heart.
  61. Chances are you are crying while reading this list.

Happy birthday, dearest!

16 thoughts on “61 Reasons Why I love you

  1. I don’t know you Gulara, but I sure feel like I know your man. 🙂 It’s a beautiful tribute, and he must be worthy of it. I too have a wonderful husband, but have especially realized that in my senior years. So it’s never too late ladies!

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