Bringing Two Worlds Together

What can a memoir set in Soviet Russia have in common with a memoir set in Iran? This is what I’m exploring in my guest post on Urszula Humienik’s blog.

Bringing Two Worlds Together

2 thoughts on “Bringing Two Worlds Together

  1. Gulara, I commented on the guest site, but I especially enjoyed your story. Amazingly, I think you could draw far more comparisons of women around the world, even here in the U.S. I especially think of the lives slaves had here in the U.S. Even now the racial bigotry is very sad. Many of the fundamentalist religions here were brutal on women, but not quite to the same degree as in Iran or Russia. I truly love these stories. Thank you!

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    • Gwynn, thank you so much for commenting on both sites. I love your comments because they show that we all have so much in common. All the separation in the world is superficial. Thank you for your contribution.


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