IMG_6339.JPGI want to live in a world where women’s creative expression is valued and well remunerated. I dream of the day when women writers can earn well from their writing and don’t have to be torn between having a ‘day-time’ job to pay the bills and pursuing their passion. I long for us all to speak openly about money and view it more as an energy exchange rather than a as taboo subject.

It breaks my heart when I see women juggling a ‘day-time’ job in order to pursue their true passion – writing – in their spare time, if and when they have any time and energy left for what truly matters. I feel sad when I come across talented women writers who barely make ends meet and earn very little, if at all, from their craft.

I want women writers to enjoy a good financial flow from their writing. It may be a trickle to start with, but I’d love for that channel to open up. I want to make it possible for us to have both financial abundance and time to write to our heart’s content.

So, I’ve created a coaching package, ‘90 Days to Abundance’. The aim of this 3-month package is to help women writers to overcome their inner money blocks so that they can earn money through their writing and other creative projects with ease and confidence. Here are the details:


It’s my 41st birthday today and International Women’s Day on 8th March. To celebrate, I’m offering 41% off this coaching package to the first five women who e-mail me between now and 8 March (midnight GMT). Please, forward this post to anyone who might be interested in this opportunity. My e-mail is gularav@gmail.com.

With all my love,



36 thoughts on “Celebration!

  1. A VERY happy birthday Gulara! May it be blessed with abundance! What a lovely gift to offer those who subscribe to your 3 month coaching package. May it go well and may women learn to overcome the fear that the image of lack of money may bring – and to think of it in a different way –

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    • Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement. I trust that the right person(s) will show up and I can offer support and transformation that my heart longs to see in the world. Many thanks!

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  2. Happy Birthday to you Gulara! May your day be spectacular! Monday is my daughter’s birthday and she starts a new job. She has a degree in International Business, a Master’s in Psychology, earned straight A’s all the way through school and she has to take a minimal paying job with no benefits as she has two daughters 6 and 9, who will have to come first. Pursing passions and living in the world today is difficult especially for women. I applaud your efforts in helping! Enjoy your day with your family and friends! Hugs!

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    • Thank you, Gwynn, what a kind message. I wish all the best to your daughter – she sounds like a very talented woman, which doesn’t surprise me. With your support she could only blossom. Thank you for my birthday wishes and for all your on-going support – I appreciate you very much.

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  3. What a very generous gift you are offering, Gulara. It’s your birthday, and you’re giving the gift. Have a wonderful day. I wish you success with your program. I agree very much with the goals stated in this post.

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    • Thank you, Elissaveta, much appreciated 🙂 And thank you for your kind words about the offer. No takers yet but I trust that these things happen in their own time.


      • Oh, you’re right not to despair. If I didn’t have an account balance dangerously nearing 0 at the moment I would definitely trust you and your coaching. 🙂 (this was intended as a compliment rather than than self-pity!)

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      • Thank you for your compliment – gratefully received, Elissaveta. And if you are up for having a session, I’ve got lots of free Compassion Key sessions at the moment (I remember you took interest in what Belinda offered; I’m currently certifying in that modality and need to complete 50 practice hours). No pressure, but if you feel called, dropped me a line at gularav@gmail.com and let’s transform your bank balance together :D.

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      • Oh, you’re so kind but I’d hate to use up your time without being able to give anything back… A chat would be lovely though, and if you do need to practice, then by all means, I’d love a chat. 🙂
        (I still owe you a guest blog post… I haven’t forgotten but Paris has kind of taken over. You still taking posts?)

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      • I am taking post – I’d love one from you. I’ve got two free slots in March. I’ll probably take a break in April to do A-Z challenge. And chat sounds great – phone or Skype?


      • I’m expecting a post for Wednesday 16th though I haven’t received it yet. I could publish yours on 23rd. Can you get me your story in the next week or 10 days? I can’t wait to learn more about your novel and share it with the readers. Have a great day, Elissaveta. 🙂


      • I’m actually travelling to the West of France the weekend right after so it’s the perfect time to get myself organised and write it a little early (for a change!!!) 😀
        Thank YOU for the great series, I can’t wait to be part of it.

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