Q is for Queen #AtoZChallenge

QDear Queen,

You stole my heart at an early age. My step dad had an old reel-to-reel player with your music on in the garage. You kept him company when he worked. When he wasn’t working, I used to sneak into our garage to play your songs. The garage was damp and smelt of oil my step-dad used when he repaired cars.

I didn’t care.

Your voices transported me into a different world. In that world, I was free. And even though I didn’t understand the words of your songs, my heart sang along. You kept your promise. You rocked my world. In a good way. Without promising anything in particular, your songs gave me hope and joy.

And for that I will always love you.

Gulara x

29 thoughts on “Q is for Queen #AtoZChallenge

  1. Over here another Queen fan 😉
    Although I can’t name a song of them I don’t like, one of my favorites is ‘The show must go on’, not only for the lyrics, but also it’s the last song (as far as I know) they recorded together, before Freddie died.

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  2. A fun post Gulara! I absolutely love music and play it in my car constantly. Right now it won’t play on my computer, otherwise I’d have music going this morning. Music is my joy in life and Queen is a dynamite group! Music makes my heart glow!

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  3. Oh, I love Queen… Freddie Mercury was a legend! My hubby is a fan too (who isn’t, really?), so Queen is often the sound in our house… that or Meatloaf 🙂

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  4. I remember my parents playing music for me as a kid, and talking to me about the artists they liked as teens. Later I started doing the same thing with my kids and it’s been so much fun. They love Queen almost as much I do. : )

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