U is for University #AtoZchallenge

UDear University,

I used to love you so much. Being a Masters’ and then a PhD student was an absolute honour. I’m grateful that you funded my studies and for all other practical support you offered. It helped me to study and grow. Then I got my dream job – a lectureship at my alma mater. I was over the moon.

Except, on the first day of my new shiny job I had a miscarriage.

So I blamed you. I thought all that stress caused me this huge loss. I started secretly resenting you. When I left for my second maternity leave, I decided I won’t be coming back. I worked extra hard to build my own business. It’s coming together. Slowly.

I’m back from maternity leave, and it looks like I’ll be staying with you for a while longer. I appreciate all the financial support you’ve been giving me over the years. It feeds my dreams and aspirations.

Being a fairly pragmatic person, I’m learning to love you again. It’s not the same head over hills kind of love. There isn’t the same passion and magic. It’s more down to earth and grounded type of love. Maybe that’s what happens with time. After all, our love affair has been going on for over 10 years.

I’m sure you don’t mind that I love you differently these days. Unlike me, you don’t take things personally. People like me come and go, and so does love…


Thank you for reading. This post is a part of the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. My theme is ‘love letters’. And while you are here, let’s connect on Facebook and Twitter too.

22 thoughts on “U is for University #AtoZchallenge

  1. And don’t forget…you work to live, not the other way around 😉
    But at the same time, I’m glad you started to love your work again, ’cause it should not feel as a burden to go to work.
    Have a productive and fun week 😉

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  2. I have never had a love relationship with any of my jobs as for me being with my family was far more important. Even being a single mother, I simply worked to live and my family was my love-life. But I was sad that I never loved my jobs. While your love for your job has changed, it may be more of a friendship… they can change and grow over time.

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    • It’s true, Gwynn, it’s much better to view it as a friendship. It can be supportive, like a friend. I used to love my job before kids arrived. Well, correction: I used hide from life behind my job 🙂 Now we are equals. I choose to do it for a while longer and it feels much healthier attitude.

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    • When you put it like that… 🙂 With jobs, it’s all about attitude, isn’t it? It’s not the job that has changed, but my attitude towards it. And if I could change it once, surely I can change it again. I just don’t bare the idea of a loveless arrangement…

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  3. Such a great idea to write a love letter to a place where you’ve spent and still spend so much time. I love it! I keep fond memories of my years at the university, but I’ve never worked there, so your relationship with the academic world is definitely similar to a mariage in many ways.
    Good luck with the last five letters, Gulara.

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Evelyne, yes, our relationship has been intense, and I’m now redefining the terms of our connection. It’s great to articulate it here. Good luck with the last five letters too. I must admit, as much as I’m enjoying this, I’m glad the end is in sight. 🙂


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