Reflections #AtoZChallenge

survivor-atoz [2016] v2Blogging A to Z Challenge was quite a ride this year. My theme was ‘Love Letters’ and I’ve learnt a lot about letter-writing, story-telling, love and myself. Here’s the gist of each post in one line (if you’d like to read the actual post, just click on the link).

A. Loving doesn’t mean absorbing the other person’s pain.

B. Loving sometimes can be simply being together.

C. Loving doesn’t mean making sure that nothing bad ever happens to the other person.

D. Loving can be a lifetime long adventure.

E. Don’t wait too long if you want to say ‘I love you.’

F. Sometimes the most loving thing to do is to let go.

G. Loving our youngest selves is deeply healing.

H. Love may not look as we imagine it should. It’s still love.

I. You don’t always need to have siblings to experience that kind of love.

J. Love is delicate and precious.

K. Love knows no ethnicity.

L. Love means staying open and learning new things all the time (recap of A-K posts).

M. Love inspires.

N. You can love someone you’ve never even met.

O. Love is fierce

P. Love means sticking to your own path and not comparing yourself to others.

Q. Love vibrates inside like music

R. Love letters is the best form of storytelling

S. Love is authenticity

T. Love heals the deepest wounds

U. Love evolves.

V. Love is welcoming.

W. Love is quirky and unique.

X. Love means living in the hearts of nearest and dearest no matter what.

Y. Love is a dance.

Z. Love is kinship.

Many thanks for reading. I greatly appreciate your support.

25 thoughts on “Reflections #AtoZChallenge

    • It was my second year, Lissa, you are absolutely right, we come better prepared second time around. Glad you enjoyed the experience. Many thanks for including my post in your linky – what a great idea!


  1. This is a lovely way to do a reflections post. I’m with you on “G” and “S.” Well, I liked all your letters, but those two resonated with me the most. So happy to have met you during this challenge.

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    • Me too, Ally. I don’t know you, but you’ve got such warmth about you. I enjoy your posts, your sense of humour and the way you connect. It’s a joy to meet you on this journey. Thanks for all your support!

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed following along with you on the A-Z challenge. I thought the love letters was a brilliant theme, and wondered how you were going to do X and Z. But of course, you did and with great aplomb!!!!!

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  3. This was my third year of doing the A – Z Challenge, but the first time that I divulged a theme. It is a unique experience! I really enjoyed your Love Letters. They were very inspiring, as they made me think about the loves in my life. Thank you. Now, go relax! 😉

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  4. I thought I’d responded Gulara to your reflections post but now I see my response didn’t come up – perhaps because I used my phone that time instead of my lap top … ah well, no matter, it was a pleasure to re-read this thank you. I remember being deeply touched each time I read your love letters and thinking how powerful they were and so necessary to write about those we’ve loved, even from afar, making the sometimes invisible, visible … thank you again 🙂

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    • Hi Debbie, thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, the challenge was great and I enjoyed exploring the theme of love through writing letters. I appreciate your kind comment.


  5. I’m so late to comment and reflect upon my own challenge! I hope you’ll know it’s only because I was away from home and it’s harder to remain high tech wired in some remote places. I love the theme you picked for your challenge, Gulara. It allowed us to get to know you better through the people who have marked your life. Like you I’m undecided for next year. But I was the year before too and look what happened…

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    • Thank you, Evelyne. I was so grateful that we journeyed this challenge together. I felt as if you held my hand at times 🙂 I saw your reflections post this morning but haven’t had a chance to comment yet. See you on your blog.


  6. Congratulations on making it through the A-Zs, Gulara. I am still catching up here and there with my blog reading. Thanks for listing your A-Z posts in your Reflections post. I haven’t read all your A-Zs and I picked a few from your list to read: I especially like “Nizami” and “Gulush.” So very touching. I think I am going to write a letter to my younger self; you’ve inspired me — such a supportive perspective. All of your love letters are beautiful, poignant. Thank you. I’m glad I found you on the A-Zs.

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    • Thank you so much for reading, Samantha, and your kind comments mean a lot. I’m delighted you reached out and connected during the challenge. I’m glad the idea of writing a letter to your younger self resonated. Please write it, it’s deeply healing.


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