What’s Your Idea of Success?

IMG_6905Last week I was a guest over at PSYCHEDELICBAY. I had such a warm welcome from Cezane and Michelle, as well as their community – so much gratitude and appreciation!

They re-blogged one of my favourite posts ‘How do You Speak to Your Child?’. They also published my guest post. Here’s the link:

Guest Post: What’s your idea of success?

Thank you for reading.


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Idea of Success?

  1. I was not able to leave a comment on the other site. Boy, Gulara, you definitely succeeded with your dreams as you overcame an enormous amount of negativity. Plus, the exciting part is that you had dreams and knew what you wanted. Actually, you went after your dreams no matter what your family and culture said. I LOVED creativity and wanted to do something with my hands but my parents said I had to do something practical. I never found the connection. I sometimes wish there was a “start-over” button. Congratulations for fulfilling your dreams. You validated yourself! You are an excellent example for all women… world-wide!

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    • Dear Gwynn, thank you so much for your warm and loving comment. I feel oodles of support from you.
      The thing about following the soul’s calling is that it’s never too late. I think your parents might have stopped you back then but you’ve managed to integrate your love for creativity into your life. You blog, you love cooking and hosting friends, you love engaging with your grandchildren – those are all expressions of your true calling. Your soul’s light is shining through brightly. I feel blessed to bask in it from time to time. Big hugs!

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      • Saying “Thank You” seems inadequate, but I truly appreciate you and your kind words… they feel so wonderful. You have accomplished so much in your life. Yes, I never expected to be more than a stay-at-home mom, but if I was a better mom than my mom, then I guess I DID accomplish something. Besides I have volunteered for years with organizations that help children… I guess that is my ‘calling.’ Big Hugs!

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      • I think there’s misconception about our ‘calling’ and ‘job titles.’ They are not always interchangeable. The beauty of calling is that one way or another we can always embody it in every aspect of our lives. The key is to recognise and value it. I’m so glad you volunteered to help children and focused on bringing up your own. That’s a huge contribution to the world. I’m sure it’s a better place to live for the loving care those children received. Thank you, Gwynn. Big hugs.

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